Dental Intelligence helps DSOs Practice Smarter.™

Rapidly grow and scale your organization, find hidden revenue, and improve your patient experience.

Dental Intelligence is the only end-to-end practice performance solution in the dental market. We help practices increase production, number of visits, and collections while decreasing overhead using actionable insights and automation.

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Create a consistent experience across varying PMS

Get accurate reporting and timely insights

Strengthen team member alignment and utilization

Insight and tools to help your team with every step of the process

Before the appointment

Optimize your day before the first patient sits down

We help you start your day with every patient form completed, every appointment confirmed, every operatory accounted for, and every team member aligned on the day’s goals.

During the appointment

Streamline office efficiency with systems that make sense

We help you reduce wait times, customize treatment plans on the fly, and easily present detailed payment plans and financing options. All you need is a phone/tablet to connect the whole team.

After the appointment

Nothing falls through the cracks

Automatically schedule future appointments, seamlessly collect payment balances, get more reviews from happy patients, and add your personal touch to follow-ups without hours of housekeeping work.

Delight patients with every step of the process to create loyalty and lasting relationships.


See the big picture faster than ever with standardized, user-friendly dashboards that turn scattered data into an action plan. Our DSO reports unify your data across various practice management systems, so you can see an apples-to-apples clinic comparison that helps you identify trends and stay agile.


They say bad data is worse than no data. When it comes to practice analytics, accuracy matters. Eight years and counting, Dental Intelligence is the industry leader in providing metrics you can trust to help you Practice Smarter.™


Easily equip team members to fill roles at multiple locations with centralized, cloud-based tools for scheduling, collections, marketing, insurance, and more.

Team Alignment

Streamline onboarding and training with standardized operating procedures, interoffice communication tools, and fewer systems to master. Tools like Morning Huddle and LiveOps® help you improve team communication and unite your team with clear goals.


Expand your DSO without the expensive and grueling process of changing practice management systems. Scale operations and onboard new locations faster and easier than ever. You can even use Dental Intelligence to simplify the due diligence process and identify potential hazards when acquiring new practices.

Actionable, Relevant Insights

Get the numbers that matter to you. Boost growth and increase profitability with actionable, relevant data, and the tools to act on it. Utilize our Profitability Formula® to grow in your areas of opportunity and turn your data into dollars.

Growth with a platform that supports the entire team

Dental Intelligence is the best thing since sliced bread.

Our Tx coordinator now has her hygiene department booked solid through November using patient Finder. We very rarely have an empty chair these days, so I get to focus on what I actually like about my job.

Dr. Whatshisname, DDS

Products & Features

Everything you need to set and achieve goals for your DSO


Turn raw numbers into easy growth opportunities

You already have the answers you need — they’re hiding in your practice’s data. Dental Intelligence sees what people can’t, giving you a simple but comprehensive overview of where you stand, where you’re going, and how to get where you want to be. It’s your roadmap to success, not a pile of spreadsheets.

Metrics & Reporting

Get actionable data points and identify trends at the organization and location level

Follow Ups

Make sure your patients don't fall through the cracks when things get busy

Morning Huddle

Use individual practice data to prepare your teams for the perfect day

Smart Schedule

Identify and fill last-minute holes in the schedule with the best patients

Patient Finder

Take control and fill your schedule with the best patients for your practice

...and more.

Stay connected to your practice and goals from anywhere with our mobile app


Connect with patients anytime, anywhere

Online Scheduling

Real-time appointment scheduling available 24/7


Get paid faster and increase collections with digital and in-office payments

2-Way Communication

Get fast responses from patients via text, email, or in-app

Digital Forms

Automatically detect and send needed forms before patients' appointments

Mass Communication

Reach all your patients at once across multiple channels

...and more.

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Take the hassle out of handling insurance

Take your time back! From eligibility verification to claims processing, we’ll cut the red tape and make the most tedious part of dentistry easy. With unlimited claims, attachments, and narratives, we help you spend less time on technicalities and more time with your patients.

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Verify patients' insurance benefits digitally in a matter of seconds, so you can treatment plan with accurate cost estimates and increase case acceptance.

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Submit claims and get paid faster with simple claim management tools. Unlimited claims means you pay the same low cost whether you submit 10 claims or 10,000.

...and more.

Unlimited narratives and attachments, easy-sync bank deposits with ERA, centralized dashboards for DSOs, and more time-saving tools to manage all your claims

What People Are Saying.

“Using our Dental Intelligence growth platform to track Annual Patient Value helped us reach a point where we could see we need to add an associate to handle the bread and butter dentistry so that we could focus on the higher value cases. Somebody needs to do fillings. Someone needs to do hygiene checks, crowns, etc. We need someone to do more of our low-value dentistry. Our focus has been on using our data insights to increase annual patient value, and that effort has paid off –it is now at $972. We’ve been able to grow from a $1.5 to a $3.5 million practice in spite of only growing our patient base by 10%

Dr. Sullivan
Dentist, Sullivan Dental Partners

Dental Intelligence has been able to help me understand the scope of where my group is at on a day-to-day basis from an enterprise level as well as a practice-to-practice level and each individual provider. It has helped me to know what types of operational and clinical decisions to make, what to train on, and how to help my administrative team. I think it’s incredibly important for other founders of groups, whether small or large to be able to have the data that’s needed to make operational and clinical decisions. I’ve been able to use Dental Intelligence to help my doctors understand their processes and set personal goals. A lot of the practices we’ve purchased have a lot of room for growth. Dental Intelligence has helped us to be able to quickly and efficiently get a scope of what is going on in the practice. That way we can help these practices turn around.

Loren Israelsen, D.D.S.
Founder and CEO Positive Impact Dental Alliance

"It helps us watch our goals daily. It gives us good, accurate numbers to give to the doctors. It helps with claim management and HR management. The provider pulse allows you to see where you’re at for the month, treatment case acceptance, etc. It helps to have conversations with providers because you can show them their data in a way that they understand and help them elevate what they’re doing as well. We are able to see how many procedures they’re doing and celebrate those things and also focus on areas where they’re needing more help on.Dental Intelligence makes it easier to gauge your week and your day. You’re able to participate even when you’re not right there with the office."

Callie Wood
Practice Performance Coach, Positive Impact Dental Alliance

The platform helps you to visualize your data and properly interpret what it means. If you use it, you can have much better conversations about what to do. Instead of just saying “we need to produce more,” DI helps you to know how to actually do that. It reveals opportunities that already exist but that aren’t easily seen. Instead of spending money trying to capture new patients or adding new services, DI lets you build on what you already have.”

Dr. Hardik Chodavadia
Dentist, Enamel Dentistry

I can't say enough about Dental Intelligence. I have been in Dental Administration for over 30 years. Dental Intel has changed the dental world in the most positive way. It's easy to learn and navigate. The developers of this program are spot on when it comes to needing a report, finding a patient, or following up on anything dental. I go to Dental Intel instead of my software practice for just about everything. Thanks, Dental Intelligence for making my tasks easier to handle.

Dee Brewer-Meek
Office Manager, Hermitage Dental Group

“One of the great things we love about Dental Intelligence is the opportunity to recognize our team members and measure their performance. We can see who is doing a really great job and celebrate their successes. We can recognize those leaders and help them train others that might not have the same success. I love the enterprise reporting. I am able to look at all of our company’s goals in one place."

Brandi Williams
VP of Growth, Catalyst Dental Allies

Practice Smarter.™

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