Dental practice analytics engineered for practice growth

Dental analytics by Dental Intelligence are the gold standard. Dental Intelligence’s data analytics are often imitated, but when it comes to accuracy and actionable data, nothing else measures up. That's why thousands of practices make smarter practice decisions based on our practice analytics software.

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Powerful insights for impactful decision making

Dental Intelligence's analytics platform turns data from your practice management software into actionable insights. If you want accurate information at your fingertips, our cloud-based, highly secure software provides the information you need to grow your practice.

Dental analytics that matter to your dental practice

Your practice's goals are unique, so we designed Dental Intelligence to give you unique answers. This isn't what a faceless, nameless, hypothetical practice needs to know, it's what your practice needs to know in order to achieve your practice's goals.

Want to know how many patients you're seeing compared to a previous time period? Dental Intelligence can help you track patient flow with detailed patient visit data.

Want to find the ideal patient to fit into an open appointment time? Yes, we can even help you determine which patients have outstanding treatments that would fit into a time frame, even if that time frame is today.

Want to increase production? Dental Intelligence provides you data on case presentation, acceptance and outstanding treatment as well as detailed insurance information on patients. You can easily make informed decisions to increase production.

Daily information on-demand

Dental Intelligence uses data from your dental practice management software to make any given day your best production day ever. Thousands of dental practices using Dental Intelligence agree that a well run morning huddle using Dental Intelligence's dashboard is the most important 15 minutes of their day. Now it’s fully automated with dental analytics from Dental Intelligence. Just click the start button and begin each day the right way.

Actionable analytics for your practice

Seeing your practice analytics is one thing, but being able to act on those analytics is another thing altogether. Dental Intelligence's dashboards allow you to drill down into each of your key performance indicators all the way to the individual patient data that drives each of those metrics.

Practice analytics you can rely on

You may have heard that bad data is worse than no data. We agree. Bad data creates flawed targets. If you place your trust in inaccurate data, you'll make decisions that lead you to outcomes you weren't aiming for.

When patient care and your financial health hang in the balance, don't rely on practice data from just anyone. Dental Intelligence has more than 10 years of practice data and customer feedback so that we can offer unparalleled accuracy.

Turn your practice management data into clinical opportunities

Dental Intelligence's dental practice analytics help you turn the information from your practice management system into clinical opportunities.

Want to know how valuable your new patients are? Our software can track production, reappointment and collections down to the cent.

Need more active patients to fill your chairs? Our practice analytics can show you which unscheduled patients to focus on.

Trying to improve case acceptance? Our dental dashboard can help your practice follow up on unaccepted treatment.

Want to increase profitability? Our software can show you production opportunities, easily collect on accounts receivable and keep your schedule full. All of these will increase cash flow and profitability.

Why can't I do this myself?

To recreate the accuracy and depth of information that Dental Intelligence's data analytics provide, you would need multiple people digging into your dental practice management software full-time, all running data analysis on the information they pulled out of the practice management software. They would then need to put that into a dashboard for the practice owner that is easy to understand and act on.

Hypothetically, you could do this yourself. It would just take hundreds of hours from multiple staff members.

Dental Intelligence runs silently in the background, providing actionable reports and detailed success plans every single day. Your team doesn't have to lift a finger. Everything you need to know is instantly accessible and compiled into easily understood reports that help keep you on-track toward your growth goals.

When it comes to choosing valuable dental software for business performance, Dental Intelligence is a must-have.

Automate front office tasks and increase productivity

Dental Intelligence helps dental practices measure the things that impact their practice most. Measuring is only part of the improvement process, though. The magic happens when you implement systems and processes that will help you address the strengths and weaknesses hidden in your data. We offer a suite of tools to help your dental practice increase productivity. Set up tasks and automations for your dental practice so that you can improve future performance.

Dental consultants love Dental Intelligence

Several of the most respected consultants in the dental industry use Dental Intelligence for all of the practices they work with. Want to know why? When you're implementing systems in your practice to improve patient care, production, collections and active patient base, you need real-time feedback to tell you just how well those systems are working.

Dentists who know how to implement changes in their office love the data that Dental Intelligence provides at their finger tips. They can quickly and easily identify opportunities and implement systems and processes that impact the future of their practice positively.

Intelligently shape the future of your practice

Where does your practice stand? Where is it headed? What needs to happen to turn your goals into your reality? Those answers are just a few clicks away, and we’ll prove it to you one-on-one.

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