Ringless Voicemail Drops

Add a personal touch to your follow-ups by sending a pre-recorded message directly to patients’ voicemail with our ringless voicemail drop software.

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What is a ringless voicemail drop?

It's simple. Our ringless voicemail software delivers voicemail messages to your patients without their cell phone ever ringing. Why is that a good thing? It means your patients get personalized messages without your team constantly making outbound calls, or your providers staying after-hours to reach out to patients.

Ringless voicemail drops save your practice time by allowing you to send a personal, care-centric voicemail from their provider with the click of a button.

Manual follow-up calls are a thing of the past. Without anyone at the practice ever picking up a phone, your patients get a voicemail in their inbox from the doctor they saw earlier. Instead of being interrupted by a call, patients get voice messages and can respond with questions and concerns at their leisure. If all is well, they don't need to do a thing.

The final result? Your staff can focus on answering more inbound calls and attending to other tasks around the office without compromising on important follow-up calls.

“Voicemail drops may be my most favorite feature. Our patients love that our doctor calls them prior to their new patient appointment as well as after any treatment. There are so many possibilities with the voicemail drop!”

Liza Cook
Patient Coordinator

Personal voicemail messages without hours of manual calling

Set up and send pre-recorded messages to your patients' voicemail box. The ringless voicemail drops feature sends a message directly into their voicemail inbox without your office having to spend time placing a phone call. If they need to contact you, they'll call or text you back. If not, Dental Intelligence just saved your team hours on the phone.

Don't ring their phone, just send missed call alerts

No need to disturb your patients throughout their day. With our ringless voicemail drops, your patients' phone doesn't ring. Instead they will receive a missed call alert. Your message simply sends into their voicemail inbox for your patient to listen to at their convenience. You can even schedule it to send at a specific time and date.

Filter and bulk send ringless voicemail drops

Send multiple patients a personal ringless voicemail drop simultaneously. Quickly generate a custom list of patients you'd like to contact based on your chosen criteria. You can send a pre-recorded voicemail message to the entire list at once, or pick and chose who you'd like to send a voicemail message to.

Create voicemail messages for any occasion

Ringless Voicemail Drops work for any situation, not just appointment follow-ups. Want to send a message to new patients prior to their first visit? Record that message once, and you're good to go from then on. Want to wish patients a happy birthday? Voicemail drop. Want appointment reminders or promotional messaging? Just record a message once, then send it to all the right patients with just a couple clicks. That's all it takes.

Ensure your voicemail message is heard

Most people will ignore incoming calls when they don't recognize the number on the caller ID, so save your team time and skip straight to the voicemail. Ringless voicemail drops allow you to deliver messages with the click of a button rather than picking up the phone.

Enhance communication with an SMS marketing blast

Our voicemail drop software isn't the only communication you can use to ensure your message is heard. You can also reach patients through a text messaging blast. Dental Intelligence allows you to text patients in bulk with important messages like office closures, inclement weather, or last-minute appointment openings.

Increase efficiency and patient relationships with ringless voicemail drops

Voicemail Drops makes connecting with patients personal without having to call them each individually. Save time and money by decreasing busy work and cutting costs that would normally go towards mailers and printing. Simply pre-record as many messages as you like, then send or drop a voicemail with one click. 

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