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Save time, grow your practice and create an ideal patient experience

Dental Intelligence is the only end-to-end practice performance solution in the dental market. We help practices increase production, number of visits, and collections while decreasing overhead using actionable insights and automation.

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Easily connects to your existing practice software

Saves your practice hundreds of hours per month

Trusted by over 9,000 practices nationwide

Insight and tools to help your team with every step of the process

Before the appointment

Optimize your day before the first patient sits down

We help you start your day with every patient form completed, every appointment confirmed, every operatory accounted for, and every team member aligned on the day’s goals.

During the appointment

Streamline office efficiency with systems that make sense

We help you reduce wait times, customize treatment plans on the fly, and easily present detailed payment plans and financing options. All you need is a phone/tablet to connect the whole team.

After the appointment

Nothing falls through the cracks

Automatically schedule future appointments, seamlessly collect payment balances, get more reviews from happy patients, and add your personal touch to follow-ups without hours of housekeeping work.

Delight patients with every step of the process to create loyalty and lasting relationships.

Dental Intelligence has been pivotal in my practice growth.

"From understanding my practice numbers when I purchased it, to executing on the potential that my practice held, their tools and support are truly exceptional. I can not say enough about the benefits I've received from using Dental Intelligence."

Our Features

Everything you need to set and achieve your practice's goal


Turn raw numbers into easy growth opportunities

You already have the answers you need — they’re hiding in your practice’s data. Dental Intelligence sees what people can’t, giving you a simple but comprehensive overview of where you stand, where you’re going, and how to get where you want to be. It’s your roadmap to success, not a pile of spreadsheets.

Metrics & Reporting

Automatically see every data point you need without running reports

Follow Ups

Keep patient flow steady with easy 2-way texts, emails, and more

Morning Huddle

Use your data to prepare your team for the perfect day

Smart Schedule

Identify and fill last-minute holes in the schedule with the best patients

Patient Finder

Take control and fill your schedule with the best patients for your practice

...and more.

Stay connected to your practice and goals from anywhere with our mobile app


Connect with patients anytime, anywhere

Managing your patient communications is finally as effective and simple as you’ve always wanted it to be. This modern, touchless solution prioritizes the patient experience so you can enjoy faster, more frequent responses that eliminate hundreds of hours of front desk work.

Online Scheduling

Real-time appointment scheduling available 24/7


Get paid faster and increase collections with digital and in-office payments

2-Way Communication

Get fast responses from patients via text, email, or in-app

Digital Forms

Automatically detect and send needed forms before patients' appointments

Mass Communication

Reach all your patients at once across multiple channels

...and more.

Patient loyalty programs, voicemail drops, easy financing, and so much more


Take the hassle out of handling insurance

Take your time back! From eligibility verification to claims processing, we’ll cut the red tape and make the most tedious part of dentistry easy. With unlimited claims, attachments, and narratives, we help you spend less time on technicalities and more time with your patients.

Eligibility Verification

Verify patients' insurance benefits digitally in a matter of seconds, so you can treatment plan with accurate cost estimates and increase case acceptance.

Claims Processing

Submit claims and get paid faster with simple claim management tools. Unlimited claims means you pay the same low cost whether you submit 10 claims or 10,000.

...and more.

Unlimited narratives and attachments, easy-sync bank deposits with ERA, centralized dashboards for DSOs, and more time-saving tools to manage all your claims

What People Are Saying

“We have been using Dental Intelligence for years now. It has helped change the way we view our goals and how we run our morning huddles. I am able to quickly see if the patient has any unscheduled treatment or family members. This has increased our production per visit and decrease the patients that have fallen through the cracks after canceling an appt.”

Jon Jackson

“One of the things I love the very most about Dental Intelligence is the digital forms and 2 way texting. Not only does it cut our cost on paper and ink usage, it provides a smooth and efficient process for our patients. It makes my life easier having the patient fill out their new patient paperwork prior to the appt. We are able to review their medical history, verify their benefits and become familiar with what they look for in a dental practice.”

Missy Haag
Office Manager, Grove Creek Dental

“Ya'll (Dental Intelligence) are at the top of your game. I've used many programs and you are the only one that keeps coming out with upgrades and features I'm wanting/needing. Other companies like Lighthouse or Legwork were good at the time but just got passed up by you guys and I think you're phenomenal!"

Bernadette Brand
Office Manager, Cossich Family Dentisty

“I was using Dental Intelligence Engagement at another practice before recently relocating to my current location. I did not figure it would be that big of a deal to not have it and that I would get used to what the practice was using. Wrong!! I missed it so much, that I talked the doctor into moving over. The first day back, I felt like I was home again. I did not receive one complaint from the rest of the staff after they used it and the transition was flawless.”

Debbie Loree
Office Manager, Highland Family Dental

“I have been blown away by the functionality Dental Intelligence Engagement! My team loves it too. I feel like we getting a quicker response from our patients because they can quickly check their email or text and get right back to us. My office manager loves that she can request payment and get payment faster. This platform has been a game changer for our office!”

Dr. Cyndi Blalock
Dentist, Cardinal Dental of St. Peters

"Dental Intelligence Engagement replaced three of the subscription softwares we were using and has become irreplaceable to both our practice and our patients. Its ease of use, seamless integration, numerous functions and excellent support made the transition a breeze."

Petar Tofovic, DMD
Dentist, White Dental Studio

Practice Smarter.™

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