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User-friendly check-in for patients

Virtual Check-In can be called a lot of things: virtual waiting room, curbside check-in, and Mobile Check-In. What do those terms really mean?

Allowing a patient to fill out the necessary paperwork before their appointment and safely let you know they have arrived for their appointment.

This process eliminates wait times for the patient and the practice. Sounds easy, right? Think again.

Many solutions require the patient to download an office app and remember a password to check-in. Even worse, most solutions don't write back into your practice management system.

With Dental Intelligence's Virtual Check-In, you can offer the highest convenience to the patient, all while making your practice more efficient.

“Being a pediatric practice, it is very important for us to get updated information at every visit, and with the patient’s attention span and the parent having to keep track of their child while filling out paperwork, Dental Intelligence Engagement has made the check-in process 100% easier for the parents! It is quick and very efficient.”

Practice Manager

Speed up your wait times by offering Virtual Check-Ins

“Dental Intelligence Engagement is an excellent way for us to communicate with patients quickly and effectively for the office and our patients. They love the reminders and being able to check-in when they arrive. For families, it is excellent to manage everyone's information and appointments all in one place.”

Benefits Coordinator

Enhance your waiting room environment

From infection control to accommodating large families, there are many reasons why less is more when it comes to waiting room capacity. 

A versatile system for you and your patients

“With the help of Dental Intelligence Engagement, we have been able to implement new systems to streamline our patient flow from check-in, to treatment planning, to check-out.”

Robyn S.
Regional Manager

Handle your patient flow how you want

Virtual Check-In allows your dental team to control when patients come into the office and at what time.

Choose when to allow patients the ability for virtual check ins. Set a range how long before their appointment that they are able to check in.

Prefer patients to be in your office before they check in? Require that they scan a QR code in order to check in.

Reducing unnecessary wait times in the waiting room and increasing control over precious chair time improves efficiency in your practice and the overall experience for your patients.

Be notified when a patient has arrived

As a patient checks in the patient's status is updated in your practice management system automatically.

The office staff will also receive an arrival notification in their Dental Intelligence inbox, as well as any forms that were filled out by the patient.

Virtual Check-in keeps your schedule running smoothly without bogging down your staff.

Customize your welcome greeting

Let patients know they can Virtually Check-In by sending them a message. Tailor your message to your patients with completely customizable verbiage.

Never miss an essential document again

Important documents, like a health history forms or updated insurance information, can be sent via text before the patient comes through the door.

You can even set up reminders to be sent if the patient doesn't complete it. 

Not only does this amazing feature save time for the front office team, but it ensures that no one forgets a completed consent form before treatment is done. 

No need to download an app

Similar systems require a patient to download an app, set up an account, and remember a password. These steps reduce utilization and decrease the potential of check-in software.

Virtual Check-In can be done without an app or account. Just send a link via text, and the patient can fill out documents securely and quickly. If they prefer a dedicated app, we have that too!

Build a list of all new dental patients to send a welcome campaign that helps you build strong patient relationships right out of the gate

Optimize your practice's productivity

Virtual Check-In can improve efficiency in your office by:

Reducing wait times in your practice

Automating documents that you want patients to fill out upon check-in

Auto sending reminders to fill out the paperwork online before the patient's appointment

Writing back directly into your practice management system for any paperwork, including new patient forms

With automation like that, your team members can use less time getting the correct information from patients out of the office and spend more time on the patient in the office. 

Intelligently shape the future of your practice

Where does your practice stand? Where is it headed? What needs to happen to turn your goals into your reality? Those answers are just a few clicks away, and we’ll prove it to you one-on-one.

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