Dental Payments

Collect more payments with less pain.

On average, practices collect an additional $25,000 within three months of adopting Dental Intelligence Payments. Why? Because when payments are this easy, more patients pay on time and in full.

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Make payments painless and automatic

Don’t spend another minute on awkward, anxiety-inducing collection calls. Dental Intelligence Payments is here to help you get paid faster and more easily than ever before.

We find patients with outstanding balances for you, and help you send them secure payment links through friendly, personalized texts or emails.

Create and manage in-house payment plans complete with authorization forms and monthly autopay. Securely store signed payment authorizations and card information so nothing falls through the cracks.

Accept payments online, via text or email, over the phone, or in-person. With online payment options and in-office terminals, Dental Intelligence Payments centralizes all your payments and reporting in one convenient dashboard.

Payments helps you:

Send individual or bulk text messages and emails to anyone with past-due balances*

Collect, on average, an additional $25,000 within the first 3 months of adopting DI Payments

Keep dental statements and payments secure

Accept flexible payment options including HSA, debit, and major credit cards

Get paid, on average, 12 days faster than dental offices who don't use DI Payments

We do all the work so you can focus on improving dental care

You don't have to keep manually creating reports of past due accounts. You don't have to email statements one by one. You don't have to make uncomfortable phone calls that suck attention away from the patients currently in your practice. You just check Payments, click a few buttons, and eliminate hundreds of hours of work.

We tell you who owes your dental practice money. Set parameters to choose what types of balances to focus on. Choose to send customizable messages in bulk or to a single patient.*

"Payments has definitely simplified things for our practice. Our collections percentage is way up and our workload is down. This means we can focus on other important priorities. And our patients have loved the switch as well. It has been such a blessing."

Katherine C.
Chief Operating Officer

Save time. Get paid faster. Improve collections.

By using Payments, the smartest billing solution in the dental industry, you'll get paid faster, save valuable time, and gain peace of mind. Let us help you manage your AR, so you can focus on providing affordable dental care and improving dental treatment.

Simplify the process and speed up collections with our text-to-pay options and personalized dental payment requests.

Easy-to-Use Payment Plans

Don’t let financial uncertainty drag your treatment acceptance rates down. Now, you can seamlessly integrate payment plan options into treatment presentation. Patients can compare and select payment plans and enroll in monthly autopay when they sign their treatment plan, providing greater transparency and clarity for them while your practice enjoys smoother operations across the board.

You can also create custom payment plans via the Payments dashboard, making it easy to handle various financial scenarios, including past-due balances or monthly membership plan fees.

"Payments has enabled us to connect with our patients in a new and much more effective way. The 'old-school' method of sending paper statements had its day, but this new platform clearly works better for our patients."

Scot Proctor
Director of Business Operations at Highland Dental

Simple process, simply done

Step 1: Choose how you want to request payment.

Whether you're sending a single payment request or bulk payment request,* collecting payment on a physical terminal in the office, or using the virtual terminal over the phone, our Payments dashboard makes the process simple and intuitive for your team and your patients.

Step 2: Select your patient(s) and hit send.

Filter and select the patient(s) you're requesting payment from, review, and hit send — that's it! We'll take care of the rest.

Step 3: Patients receives message(s).

We’ll send out a friendly, personalized text or email with a link for your patient to view and pay their balance. It’s simple. They receive a text, click the link, and securely complete their dental payment.

Step 4: You get paid.

We will automatically process and deposit the funds directly into your bank account, and you'll get an Inbox notification letting you know your patient completed the request. No need for a third-party processor.

Step 5: The ledger in your PMS gets updated automatically.

The best part? We write back every payment into your practice management software so your information is always up-to-date.*

*Bulk request and write-back capabilities vary across PMS integrations. Please consult with your sales rep for details.

Collecting made easy

It's simple! Send out messages and get paid in minutes. With multiple payment options, you can eliminate hours of administrative work. Better yet, you'll get paid sooner for your dental services by adding the best dental payment solution in the industry.

Bring significant savings of time and money to your dental practice with Payments. Let us do all the hard work so you can focus on providing quality dental care and shiny white teeth to your patients.

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