Dental Follow Ups

Dental Intelligence's Follow Ups are an easy to use feature to help you keep track of your patients by reminding you who you need to check in with. Be reminded of patients needing hygiene recare, unscheduled treatment, past due balances and so much more.

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Stop the sticky notes

Let's say a patient comes in for a cleaning and exam. You discover an old filling to replace and you present that to the patient. Your treatment coordinator attempts to get them on the schedule, but the patient tells them they need to check their schedule first and will call you back "soon," and then off they go out the door. (Just like in real life, right?)

Now what? Do you grab a sticky note and scribble a reminder to call the patient back in two weeks, or maybe you add that reminder to your patient notes in whatever practice management system you use? Will you remember in two weeks to check that note? 

Key Benefits

Proven to fill schedules

Help more patients

Improve your production immediately

Collect more AR

Automatically syncs and updates patient information in your practice management system

Streamline your process with Follow Ups

Keep up with each and every patient outreach, so you and your team always know who to call, why, and when. With Dental Intelligence's Follow Ups, you can save time by generating your list automatically each day with the immediate patients you need to focus on.

Use our follow up feature to:

Promptly schedule patients due for hygiene recare

Collect past-due balances

Schedule patients for unscheduled treatment

Confirm upcoming appointments

Reschedule broken appointments 

Track past-due claims

"We have scheduled over $12,500 back into the practice using Follow Ups! We have improved our hygiene re-appointment from an average of 60% to 78% in our first 14 weeks with Dental Intelligence!"

Dr. Jethva
Cosmetic Family Dentistry

How Follow Ups Work

Follow Ups allow you to make a reminder to yourself to call or text a patient in the future. Create a dental follow up and set a due date. When you log into your Dental Intelligence Dashboard, the follow up will be waiting, ready for you with all the information you need to know about the patient.

When you are ready to reach out to the patient, simply attempt the follow up and mark whether or not they were contacted. You can also leave notes, so your staff knows what happened on the call.

Improve the quality of your calls and patient outreach by knowing exactly what you need to talk to your patients about. Follow ups benefits you and your patients by increasing the efficiency of your practice and enhances the patient experience.

Measure success with Follow Up Results

Track your progress and celebrate successes by using Follow Up Results. See which team members are reaching out and rescheduling patients.

Many of our practices love using the Follow Up Results to measure their team's performance and reward team members for their contributions to growing their practice. Collect data on who is scheduling what treatment. You can even measure data on how many dollars are scheduled and how many phone calls are made.

Customizable lists for your practice

Do you have multiple team members over contacting patients? You can set Auto Follow Ups to generate a reminder list for specific team members. Your hygiene treatment coordinators will only get recall patients, and your billing team member will only get unpaid balances, and so on.

We will manage your patient activity for you and automatically notify the team member you have assigned when you want them to follow up! Use Auto Follow Ups to make sure you never lose track of a patient again.

Auto Follow Ups will create a list of patients ready to call when you want. Want to follow up with unscheduled patients a month after their last appointment? You can easily set parameters, so you only see the patients you want to be contacted.

Do you have a specific custom list of patients you would like to follow up with? You can add follow ups in bulk to patients on a Patient Finder list.

Notes that track your progress

Follow Up notes immediately write back into your practice management software for easy access. Any note you leave for a follow up attempt will show for you on the patient's profile. That way other team members can see if a patient was already contacted. You can also see all details of previous attempts to contact a patient and a history of who has worked on the follow up.

"It was so easy to open Dental Intelligence and see the people we needed to contact immediately or quickly see what treatment plans needed follow-up or who had missed hygiene appointments. We didn't have a single patient fall through the cracks during the pandemic - Having Dental Intelligence was like having a full-time employee who worked during the entire shutdown and had everything ready for us when we opened the doors again. All the info we needed was right there - easy to understand and immediately actionable."

Office Manager at Q Dental 

A great benefit to you and your dental patients

You've worked hard to get your patients to come through your door. Now, let's keep them! Improve the effectiveness of your communication with dental patients and save a lot of resources with Dental Intelligence's Follow Ups system.

All-in-all, Follow Ups gives your practice the opportunity to develop a system to prevent patients from falling through the cracks, so you can provide quality dental care.

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