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Allow patients to digitally review, sign and submit treatment plans in minutes.

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Increase patients understanding

It's easy for us to know exactly why treatment is needed — we're dental professionals. For a patient, though, it can be more difficult to understand their treatment option(s), why they're necessary, and what that will mean for their wallet.

You need to be able to communicate this information in a clear and concise way to your patients through their treatment plan. Dental Intelligence gives you easily understandable, patient-friendly tx plan templates — ready to customize and easy to send to your patients to review and sign digitally.

“Itemized or not, you can include different payment options, and send the signed treatment plan instantly to the patient’s email. It is so easy for our patients to read and has helped us go completely digital in our office! It has even helped increase treatment acceptance!”

Liza Cook
Patient Coordinator

Easy customization makes planning and presenting simple

Customization is simple for you too as you can filter by stages, hide unnecessary columns and edit the verbiage on tx plans before presenting or sending them to your patient.

Each tx plan is preloaded with a custom header and footer that includes important practice and care information. From there, you can edit verbiage to add notes for your patient or swap in laymen's terms, add intra-oral photos or graphics to help better explain the treatment being presented, highlight what's most important, and cater to your patients' level of dental understanding so you can increase your case acceptance and help more people get the dental care they need.

Pull treatment plans from your practice management system

Dental Intelligence Treatment Plans integrate with your practice management system to pull tx plan information directly from the patient file.

It takes just a moment to pull a recent tx plan from your patient's chart and then send it via text or email, or present it on a DI kiosk. Patients can sign right from their device and automatically be emailed the signed copy for their records.

Present payment options alongside any dental treatment plan

Select which payment options to present to the patient with their tx plan. We'll automatically calculate any discounts or management fees and show the patient what their monthly payment breakdown would be (or if they're eligible to apply for patient financing). Once the patient selects a payment option and signs, the payment plan schedule is automatically filed into their chart with the signed tx plan.

Intelligently shape the future of your practice

Where does your practice stand? Where is it headed? What needs to happen to turn your goals into your reality? Those answers are just a few clicks away, and we’ll prove it to you one-on-one.

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