Your Dental Morning Huddle

The most important 15 minutes

What if someone told you that one exercise could set your practices up for success in almost every aspect of operation? Morning huddles immensely influence crucial Key Performance Indicators in your practices. Would you be willing to participate? Better yet, what if this activity only required 15 minutes of your morning and didn't require any planning? Dental Intelligence's Morning Huddle Board makes this a reality.

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Why do morning huddles matter?

Our work with thousands of dental teams has repeatedly proven that morning huddles can be the most important 15 minutes of your day. Dental practices who participate daily in these morning meetings, on average, outproduce practices that don’t do a morning huddle by 30%!

Before the morning starts, Dental Intelligence has already built a complete Morning Huddle for each location to use. You'll start the day with all the metrics you need, automatically organized into an easy-to-read, customizable presentation. That means no more running reports manually, and no more mornings spent elbow-deep in your practice management system. Your agenda is set, and you're ready to set your practices up for success.

A Morning Huddle that starts the day off right

Dental Intelligence's Morning Huddle Board is one of our most popular features for good reason – it's changing the way dental practices plan their days, fill holes in the production schedule, and celebrate successes. With an automatically generated agenda (which you have full control over), your teams can see what is really happening, what is scheduled to happen and what could happen in order to have a successful day.

"Dental Intelligence's Morning Huddle has been a huge part of our growth in the past year. We use it daily to celebrate our successes and also to hold each other accountable."

Office Manager at Greenville Family Dentistry

"The impact on our team unity and culture has been amazing. Being able to see our key numbers in one place and having a system that empowered us to act on those numbers has changed our practice."

Dr. Cameron
Carolinas Dentist

Opportunities for your entire team to improve

The recipe to a successful morning huddle

Step 1: Get pumped!

Kick off the morning by getting your team excited! Play some music, start a dance party, or brew up some coffee.

Step 2: Review your performance

Discuss your previous day with your team. Recognize successes, analyze your performance, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Step 3: Make today the best

Take a look at today’s schedule. Identify new patients today, those with special accommodations, balances to collect, and those to reappoint. Are you on track to meet your goals? Compare your scheduled production to your goals. Evaluate opportunities to increase production.

Step 4: Develop strategies for an even better next day

Prepare your team for the next day. Identify holes to fill. Know who has unconfirmed appointments. Do you have everything you need for the next day’s procedures? Follow up on time-sensitive lab materials.

Step 5: Inspire your team

Finish up with a quick motivational minute video or inspirational quote, so when the meeting ends your team is ready to take on the day! And just like that, your Morning Huddle is complete.

Make it count

The importance of these 15 minutes can change your organization for the better! As your practices implements these steps in your morning huddles, growth, engagement and energy are sure to increase.

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