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Your dental practices' schedules are probably the number one reason your team members feel so busy. They constantly have to worry about filling the schedule, fixing the schedule, and making sure the schedule is correct. ...But why? It's about time your schedules got smarter!

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Dental Intelligence's Smart Schedule helps you:

See every schedule on your smart phone

See goals with clarity & transparency

Identify holes in each schedule

Track your daily production for each location effortlessly

Discover more & better revenue oppurtunities

See every schedule on your phone

This might seem like a small thing, but many providers name it as their favorite feature. Having access to every schedule anytime, anywhere is freeing. Many providers use the Smart Schedule on their phone the day before to check in and make sure there aren't any fires that need to be put out before they get into the office. The other nice thing is it helps them mentally prepare for the day and the patients ahead. 

Track goals clearly and consistently

Goals are not completed if they are not tracked consistently and effectively. With Smart Schedule, the practice and individual provider's goals are transparent. Production, production per hour, and appointment numbers are just some of the metrics that can be tracked for each location with Smart Schedule. 

Identify holes in your schedules

Now that you are tracking goals, how do you achieve them? Holes in the schedule are a big problem regarding production goals and the stress and worry of a practice. With Smart Schedule, you can easily see openings in any practice's schedule and fill that hole from a quick list of the best patients to contact to fill that opening. It takes the stress out of cancellation. 

Monitor your daily production

 You can see if providers are above or below their production goal for any given day, week, or month. Watch the trends, and this small but impactful feature helps you keep each practice and your overall organization on track. 

Highlights revenue opportunities

The most impactful time to impact revenue in the practice is when the patient is in the dental office. Smart Schedule highlights unscheduled treatment opportunities, unscheduled family members, and unpaid balances, all with just a click of a button. 

Intelligently shape the future of your practices

Where do your practices stand? Where are they headed? What needs to happen to turn your goals into your reality? Those answers are just a few clicks away, and we’ll prove it to you one-on-one.

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