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Protect your practice and patients with secure digital dental consent forms

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Simplify your patient experience and improve compliance

Paper forms make the consent process tedious and ineffective. Simplify it with digital consent forms and watch the cracks patch themselves.

With Dental Intelligence, your patients can securely complete dental consent forms on their phones, computers, or tablets. Whatever is easiest for them, that's what they'll get.

No matter what device a patient uses, their electronic signature will be securely collected and properly stored in your practice management system.

Want to keep your forms in the office? No problem. You can effortlessly pull up the forms on an in-office tablet so that patients can review and sign them in your waiting room.

“My office is loving the online consent forms!! My patients love it. Especially with the pandemic we are in. The less they touch, the better. Plus, the fact they know what to expect for their next appointment is amazing! As an office we enjoy when things go smoothly, so having the Patients fill out their consents prior to their appointment helps us tremendously!”

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Customize your consent forms with ease

Every practice is unique, so we don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to forms. You get all the basic informed consent forms from the get-go, but we also give you full control over customization and personalization. We also have a full library of videos and how-to articles to support you in making sure your forms and consents are customized to fit your unique needs.

You select what you like, keep the best, and create the unique solutions your practice needs for the intake process. Practices love our consent templates because they are ready for you to select and fully personalize with patient treatment and procedure information. Simply customize and send!

Prioritize security and privacy

Our digital consent forms are sent, signed, and safely stored, with two-factor authentication requirements to help protect your patients' privacy. In addition to being automatically saved in the patient charts of your practice management software, our cloud-based software ensures that dental informed consent forms are backed up securely online.

Intelligently shape the future of your practice

Where does your practice stand? Where is it headed? What needs to happen to turn your goals into your reality? Those answers are just a few clicks away, and we’ll prove it to you one-on-one.

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