Insurance Eligibility Verification

“Will my insurance cover this?” If you accept dental insurance at your practice, you hear this question dozens of times a week. But with so many carriers, policies, deductibles, copays, and coverage options, it’s almost impossible to give your patients fast, accurate answers. Dental Intelligence makes answering that question easier than ever.

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How does Insurance Verification work?

Typically, a practice will spend dozens of hours a week on the phone or online with insurance companies. The practice provides patient info, and (if everything is done perfectly) the insurance company will eventually respond to confirm insurance eligibility and provide coverage details, including how much the patient can expect to pay. It’s tedious and frustrating, but your patients depend on it. So we’ve built a better way.

Simplify the Insurance Eligibility Verification process with Dental Intelligence.

Verify patients’ insurance benefits digitally.
No more spending hours on the phone each week just trying to track down insurance information in order to get dentistry done. Reclaim your time and spend more of it where it matters — with your patients.

Make every eligibility check as fast and easy as possible.
If you can get near-instant answers, you can quickly reassure your patients and spend less time on complicated busy work. Don’t let insurance questions delay treatment.

Cut out redundant and outdated software.
If your insurance eligibility verification process requires you to jump between multiple programs, you’re not only burning valuable time, you’re also probably paying too much for standalone solutions.

"What's not to love about Dental Intelligence? It's user friendly and it helps me in so many ways. From communication to my patients, to sending out forms and links to our patients, to updates or new patient paperwork, it saves so much time... This program is one of the best I've worked with in all my 18 years working front office."

Laurie Lewis

More accurate treatment planning

Dental insurance verification helps you create accurate, comprehensive treatment plans that take a patient’s coverage and out-of-pocket expenses into account.

Improved patient satisfaction

If patients are aware of their coverage and costs up-front, they’re more likely to be satisfied with their experience at your dental practice.

Fewer billing errors

Dental insurance verification ensures the correct procedures and costs are billed to the insurance provider, minimizing the work it takes to get accurate statements.

Increased revenue

Accurate answers allow your practice to receive the payment you’re owed while decreasing the hours it takes staff to manually verify insurance. 

"Dental Intelligence provides the tracking needed so that everyone doesn’t have to have a management layer on top of their workload."

Brad Nelson
Partner, Co-Founder, COO at Positive Impact Dental Alliance

Practice Smarter.™

If you’re ready to save time, reduce errors, and take the tedium out of insurance eligibility, Dental Intelligence has you covered. We help you take the hassle out of handling insurance, so you can focus on your patients.

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