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Our Core Values


We continuously improve ourselves and are driven by measurement and performance. We are committed to being better tomorrow than we were today in all things.

Unwavering Integrity

We aim to be good and honest people in all of our dealings, having strong moral uprightness.


We remain steadfast and give our best efforts to positively impact others in a kind, responsive, and professional manner, despite difficulties, obstacles, or even failures. We view failure as an opportunity for growth and improvement.


We keep ourselves humble and open to new possibilities and constantly step outside the box to create something unique, special, and impactful for our team and customers.

Fiercely Loyal

We are loyal and accountable to ourselves, our partners, and our customers. We are unified in purpose. We trust and respect each other and value everyone's role in reaching our vision and goals.

Work-Life Balance

We work hard, value our personal lives, and encourage individuals to live a balanced life.

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30 years of practicing & Dental Intelligence has been the BEST decision we’ve ever made.

Dr Michael Mulkey
Lost Mountain Dental

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