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Why Work With Dental Intelligence?

Why Work With Dental Intelligence?


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Our Mission

To make it more fulfilling to be a dental professional and easier to be a patient.

Our Core Values

Ownership Over Order-Taking

We expect every team member to lead in their own sphere, leveraging their unique insights to help us achieve success. We rely on everyone’s strengths, creativity, and clarity, not their submissiveness. We act as stewards over our areas of responsibility, proactively identifying potential issues and bringing forth solutions. We own the results associated with our roles and believe that authority and accountability should always be equally paired.

Growth Over Comfort

We push boundaries and take risks to be a better version of ourselves than we were yesterday. We believe company and personal growth are accomplished by consistently asking ourselves where we can improve and by implementing those changes. We value progress and learning, and a willingness to get out of our comfort zones and embrace change in order to achieve growth.

Outcomes Over Output

We prioritize results and effectiveness over effort alone, because we believe what truly matters is the positive impact we have on our customers, our community, and the world. We take the time to understand the needs and challenges of our stakeholders, and to develop solutions that truly address them.

Authenticity Over Convention

We bring our whole, authentic selves to work each day and share what makes us uniquely us. We love to laugh and learn from one another, we cultivate genuine friendships, and we don't take ourselves too seriously. We speak candidly with care, always choosing the honest answer over the easy answer. We believe we are stronger when we embrace our differences and lean into our diverse perspectives and experiences as a team.

Community Over Ego

We strive to provide a supportive environment where team members feel valued and can thrive. We leave our ego at the door and know that when we help those around us succeed, we all succeed. We listen with empathy, approach problems collaboratively, and show up for each other. We see our customers and partners as an extension of our community and seek to understand their problems so we can help create solutions. We win as a team.

Meet Our Team


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What Our Clients Are Saying

"We have been using Dental Intelligence for years now. It has helped change the way we view our goals and how we run our morning huddles. I am able to quickly see if the patient has any unscheduled treatment or family members. This has increased our production per visit and decrease the patients that have fallen through the cracks after canceling an appt."

Jon Jackson

Dentist, Maple Creek Dental

"One of the great things we love about Dental Intelligence is the opportunity to recognize our team members and measure their performance. We can see who is doing a really great job and celebrate their successes. We can recognize those leaders and help them train others that might not have the same success. I love the enterprise reporting. I am able to look at all of our company’s goals in one place."

Brandi Williams

VP of Growth, Catalyst Dental Allies

“What's not to love about Dental Intelligence? It's user friendly and it helps me in so many ways. From communication to my patients, to sending out forms and links to our patients, to updates or new patient paperwork, it saves so much time and it downloads it right into our patient charts all filled out. This program is one of the best I've worked with in all my 18 years working front office.”

Laurie Lewis

Office Manager

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