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Upgrade your office with a convenient kiosk

If you spend your time printing paperwork, helping patients fill it out, and entering it back into your systems, your life is about to get a lot easier. Our Kiosk cuts out all that tedious work for you, giving your patients the most convenient experience possible.

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Enhance the patient experience from check-in to check-out

Go paperless by providing a concise, digital experience that lets your patients fill out forms and consents, review treatment plans, and check in. No more filing cabinets full of patient paperwork and having to enter their information manually! No more lines of patients waiting to check in.

Use the Kiosk app to eliminate all the printing, filing, copying, scanning, shredding, and data entry. No more need to have an expensive printer, constantly having to replace the ink and buy boxes of paper. Simply download the app once, set it up, and you are ready to remove the difficulty of paperwork off you and your patients.

Keep your dental practice paperless by setting up kiosks in your office to make the patient experience seamless from start to finish for new and existing patients.

Dental Intelligence connects your digital forms directly with your practice management software

With DI Kiosks, patient forms won't get lost in your office. Allow patients to easily submit patient forms that write back directly into your practice management software and go straight into the patient file. Create a smooth, effortless experience from beginning to end for every patient by using kiosks!

Fast and efficient

Patients fill out their forms in just minutes, and they're immediately visible to you as soon as they hit submit. You'll be able to read their info in Dental Intelligence or your practice management system, whatever you prefer. It's all imported automatically!

Reduce your wait times

Simplify the check-in process by allowing patients to quickly sign in from the Kiosk. No more waiting in line for a team member to check them in. Get more patients checked in quicker than ever before, minimizing their wait times.

With Kiosk, you can focus on what needs to be done, rather than dealing with lines of patients and sifting through piles of paperwork.

Personalized to your patients

Best yet, when they check in, the Kiosk will remind them which forms are due and present those forms on the kiosk. This allows them to finish filling out their paperwork right then and there.

Present treatment effectively

Once checked in, use the kiosk anywhere in the office, throughout their visit. Trying to present treatment to a patient? Simply hand them a device, pull up their treatment plan on the kiosk and have them review the breakdown in an easily displayed way.

Select exactly what the patient needs to fill out

Time for a patient to fill out a form or consent? Choose which forms and consents a patient needs to fill out and send them directly to the kiosk. That way they can focus on the paperwork that matters.

“Getting treatment plans, forms, and estimates signed electronically has been huge. I just send them a digitally to a patient, they sign, and then it emails them a copy. Patients love it too because nobody loses their estimates anymore. It's a tight system and such a time-saver throughout the day.”

Anna Shearer
Office Manager - Bellevue Dental Care and Implant Center

Quickly install and set up with ease

Simply download the Kiosk app on a wifi enabled device or launch Kiosk in a browser tab. Then, you can choose which devices will be stationary check-in kiosks and which will be mobile kiosks you can hand to the patient while they're in the chair.

Less work, more efficient

From start to finish, Kiosk is there to alleviate extra work for you and simplify the experience for the patient. It's a win-win all around for your dental practice!

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