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Let Dental Intelligence simplify your appointment reminders

When patients schedule their appointment and you hand them an appointment card, are they really going to put it somewhere they remember? Probably not. Make sure your patients are aware of their upcoming appointments with reminders and confirmations.

Remind your patients of their future visit as well as any forms they need to fill out prior. Our text messages also provide patients with a link to securely fill out forms and respond to confirm their appointment.

Dental Intelligence integrates with your practice management software so it knows who needs a dental appointment reminder and when.

“Our problem was cancellations and no-shows. In some of our locations, they were as high as 25-30%. This meant that three out of ten scheduled appointments weren't coming into one of our practices on an average day, which meant we weren't providing our hygienists with sufficient opportunities to diagnose and treat patients. With the patients they were treating, the data showed they were actually performing pretty well. It was all hands-on deck. We focused our entire team on lowering cancellations and no-shows. This included our front-desk team, doctors, office managers, treatment coordinators, and schedulers. Scripting was created that discouraged canceling or missing appointments. Team members focused on helping patients to understand how important it was to keep appointments. Within a few months, our cancellations had dropped to less than 10% — a phenomenal improvement.”

Office Manager at Carolina's Dentists

Key Benefits

Completely customizable reminders sent via text message or email

Help reduce missed appointments

Automatically updates appointment status in your practice management system

Patients can customize the messages they receive

Cut out staff time spent calling patients

Cancellations at your dental practice? No problem.

Say goodbye to no-shows and last minute cancellations as well as keep your schedule full with our dental appointment reminders.

While it is impossible for your no-show rate to hit zero, you can dramatically improve your rate of appointments kept and confirmed with reminders.

It's inevitable that you will occasionally have missed appointments and last minute holes in your schedule that need to be filled, but Dental Intelligence is here to help ease that burden. When you use our dental appointment reminders, you remind patients to cancel if they need to which leaves you more time to fill a vacant spot in the schedule.

In addition to appointment reminders, Dental Intelligence can help you find the best patients to fill up your schedule with tools like Patient Finder and Smart Schedule.

Automatically send a customized appointment reminder

Send patient reminders when they need them. You can choose exactly when and how many messages are sent as well as the preferred channel. After that our appointment reminder software will automatically send the messages you have set up.

Confirmations that integrate with your practice management software

Automated patient appointment reminders and confirmations allow patients to simply respond to a text or email to confirm and it will update their appointment status in your practice management software automatically.

Our confirmation system is smart and will recognize different responses to confirm appointments.

See their confirmation status as well as a log of any text message or email sent to the patient. With automatic write back, you can always know who got the reminder, who confirmed, and who needs another text or email sent.

Patients can customize their communications

Our dental appointment reminders are fully customizable for each patient. Within our mobile app for patients, they can opt to receive appointment reminders on their own terms. Your patients can choose whether they want to receive reminders via text or email, they can add additional reminders (if they know themselves to be a little forgetful), or they can opt out altogether.

Personalize your messages

Dental Intelligence patient reminders are fully customizable so you can add the personal touch that you need.

Of course you can include the patient name, date and time of the appointment, but you can also add the name of the doctor, your practice name, and your practice phone and address. With our fully customizable verbiage, you can make sure even automated communications reflect your practice's personality and voice.

If you aren't quite sure where to start when building out your patient communication, we provide ready-to-use templates for you to use and customize on your own.

“I have been blown away by the functionality of Dental Intelligence Engagement! My team loves it too. I feel like we are getting a quicker response from our patients because they can quickly check their email or text and get right back to us…This platform has been a game changer for our office!”

Anna Shearer
Office Manager - Bellevue Dental Care and Implant Center

Reminders that work

Help your practice thrive with automated reminders and confirmations. Cut down on front office phone calls, so your dental practice has more free time to focus on increasing production each day!

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