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User friendly paperless forms make patient intake a breeze for your front desk

Go paperless! Submit and update your forms digitally within a moment’s notice.

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The ease of online dental patient forms

Filling out and entering patient information is time consuming. In an increasingly paperless world, we are happy to provide online patient forms to make life easier for both patients and dental practices.

Patients can complete forms online before their appointment allowing you to keep your dental office wait times short.

On top of that, Dental Intelligence's digital forms write back to your practice management software so that your office staff doesn't have to spend valuable time trying to decipher patient handwriting or copying answers from a paper form.*

A patient didn't complete their digital forms? Patients can easily complete forms from their smart phone or on an office tablet once they arrive.

“Dental Intelligence allows us to spend more time with patients and less time in the office with paperwork. Hands down the best program out there!”

Hilary Waldron
Office Manager

Key Benefits

Increase productivity and save time by eliminating paper forms and data entry

Customizable forms that fit your practice

Automated form sending so you don't have to

Patients can complete paperwork digitally by following a text or email link, in the Modento app, or on an in-office Kiosk

Automatically syncs and updates patient information in your practice management system

Control when forms are due

Library of pre-made forms for you to use

Easy for your patients to fill out and upload information

Customize forms how you want

Our team of experts in the dental field have built a robust library of pre-made forms to make setup quick and easy for your dental practice. Just pick which ones you want, customize them for your practice in our user-friendly editor, and go! Get the information you need from your patients and get the busy work out of the way before the appointment starts.

Choose exactly what information you want collected and customize forms to suit your practice. We support a variety of question types to make paperwork as simple as possible for your patients and practice — choose from free fill text questions, dropdown menus, yes/no questions, single-select, multi-select, and more! You can even ask for photo or file uploads, or provide paperwork in Spanish.

Use placeholders to auto-fill common patient and practice information into your paperwork, such as the patient's name or practice's contact details.

Allow your staff to sign documents electronically once the form has been submitted.

With so many options, you can create any form you want for your patients.

Get patients forms filled out and turned in before the appointment

Never miss a patient form again! Set your own parameters for Dental Intelligence to detect when a form is needed for a patient and send them automatically.

Easily track the electronic forms to know when they have been completed and when a patient may need a reminder.

Because our online forms write back into your practice management software, existing patients and new patients alike will get only the dental forms that you chose to send. This can include medical history, new patient forms, financial forms, comfort surveys, and more.

“One of the things that is easily overlooked is keeping up with health history updates. Sometimes we realize we are years behind on the forms. Modento has taken that worry off our plate, as well as the COVID questionnaire. It’s automatic. I hear other office managers wondering how other teams keep up with health updates. I tell everybody it’s Modento.”

Anna Shearer
Office Manager - Bellevue Dental Care and Implant Center

Patients can complete online forms from their mobile device

Before the appointment, patients will receive a secure link to complete electronic paperwork via text or email or in the mobile app. They can complete them from the convenience of their phone, computer, or tablet.

Some patients won't complete the forms before the appointment. No worries! You can still go paperless by allowing them to be completed on an in-office kiosk.

Eliminate scanning and data entry for your dental practice

Our online dental forms automatically update and write information back into your practice management software. No more having to go through and organize piles of paperwork to then input patient data into your computer. No more printing, scanning, tracking down clipboards, signing paperwork and then shredding it.

Once the forms are signed, Dental Intelligence will automatically generate a PDF and save it to the patient's chart in your practice management software.

Free up your staff's time by using digital forms.

*Bulk request and write-back capabilities vary across PMS integrations. Please consult with your sales rep for details.

"I love that the patient forms go automatically into the patient’s file!"

Katherine C.
Chief Operating Officer

Better for your patients and staff

Create a better patient experience and relieve your staff from spending hours dealing with paperwork and data entry.

Make any form digital with Dental Intelligence. Help your practice run smoothly, so you can save time and focus on increasing production.

Schedule a demo and start intelligently shaping the future of your practice today.

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