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Unlocking Patient Value: 3 Key Metrics to Master


Join us for an engaging webinar with the brilliant Miranda Beeson from ACT Dental. This isn't your typical webinar — get ready for actionable insights, real-world strategies, and a fresh perspective that will make an immediate impact.

You’ll leave knowing how to:

  • Boost Your Pre-appointment %: Stop the no-shows and cancellations. Learn cutting-edge techniques that will have your schedule running like a well-oiled machine.
  • Skyrocket Treatment Acceptance: Tired of hearing "I'll think about it?" Master the art of patient communication and watch your acceptance rates soar.
  • Maximize Annual Patient Value: Turn every patient into a raving fan. Discover loyalty hacks and data-driven strategies to keep your chairs full and your revenue climbing.

Featuring Miranda Beeson – Director of Education and Lead Practice Coach at ACT Dental: A dental dynamo with 14 years of experience, Miranda specializes in turning dental practices into powerhouses. Her approach is hands-on, no-nonsense, and incredibly effective. Click here to learn more about ACT Dental or schedule a free consultation.

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