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Turn Your DI Dashboard into a Cashboard


The secret to greater profitability is hiding in your Dental Intelligence dashboard! All you have to do is identify it, and Kerry Straine, “The Data Whisperer,” will show you how.

What You'll Learn:

• How to transform your Dental Intelligence insights into actionable strategies

• How to engage every team member and unlock the "practice within your practice"• How to identify and capitalize on growth opportunities in every department

• How to eliminate overhead killers and boost your bottom line

• Strategies to enhance profitability across the board

With over three decades of expertise in financial management and dental practice optimization, Kerry has revolutionized the way practices understand and leverage data. His proven strategies have unlocked potential in over 4,000 practices, guiding them towards unprecedented growth and success.

Visit their Certified Partners page to learn more about Straine Dental Management and request a free consultation.

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