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How to Integrate Technology to Maximize Hygiene Profitability


Check out the tenth installment of our "Emerging DSOs" webinar series from Dental Intelligence and Aligned Dental Partners. When it comes to your hygiene department’s bottom line, which tech is worth it?

The session is led by Jessica Walker and Noura Benrahou. Jessica is a Senior Consultant and Hygiene Coach at Aligned Dental Partners. She has been in the dental industry for over 26 years, 18 of those as a hygienist. Noura is a Hygiene Director at Aligned Dental Partners and provides professional coaching specific to dental hygiene and practice management. Now’s your chance to cut through the noise and find out what works for some of the industry’s most successful organizations by learning:

  • How intraoral cameras and dental lasers can make or break your hygiene department.
  • How salivary diagnostics can boost precision in care and improve outcomes.
  • How artificial intelligence and data analytics software drive smarter practice decisions.

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