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Raising the Bar: Best Practices for Standard of Care and Chart Audits in Emerging DSOs


Check out the eighth installment of our "Emerging DSOs" webinar series from Dental Intelligence and Aligned Dental Partners. Together, we’ll cover how to define your clinical philosophy, setting SMART goals, and how a Chief Clinical Officer just might be your path to success.

The session is led by Christine Manndel and Dr. Alex Giannini. Christine is a procurement maestro and clinical operations strategist, ready to share her 26 years of in-depth dental expertise. Dr. Alex Giannini is a seasoned founder and CEO of dental groups and DSOs, who brings almost 30 years of experience in scaling practice revenue and setting industry standards.

  • How to align clinical practices with financial success.
  • How to train and cultivate strong clinical leadership.
  • How to implement clinical protocols for exceptional care.
  • How to minimize liability and boost compensation.

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