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Growth in Dentistry


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The Importance of Analytics with Craig McVey from CTM Dental Consulting

Show Notes

Today, we welcome Craig McVey to the Growth in Dentistry podcast to discuss how analytics can change how you look at growth in your practice. Craig has spent 17 years as a dental consultant and is the COO of a dental group in California.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • The importance of knowing the results of what you're doing and how analytics can help with that
  • What metrics contribute to case acceptance vs. what actually gets completed and what can we do to actually achieve success
  • How the whole team can use the analytics data and having the tools will help with growth in all areas of your practice
  • Introducing a specialist into your practice to offer more services in-house

...and so much more!

To contact Craig, you can email or you can connect on LinkedIn.

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