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DEEP DIVE: Dr. Galen Detrik

Show Notes

Join us on the Growth in Dentistry podcast this week as we chat with Dr. Galen Detrik on another installment of our Practice Growth Deep Dives. Dr. Detrik's practice in New Mexico allows him to work 3-day weeks now because of the years of 5- to 6-day weeks he put in.

Want to see how you can implement some of the things Dr. Detrik and his practice are doing to help your practice thrive? Keep on listening to learn how:

• To get higher treatment acceptance at higher dollar amounts

• They train their team to offer a quality patient experience

• To change the mindset from how many patients we can get to what we want our experience to look like and what it takes to get there

• Knowing your skillset, dataset, and mindset impacts your business

...and so much more!

To connect with Dr. Galen Detrik and his team, check out

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