DSO Scorecards

You deserve a way to monitor key performance indicators across all your locations that doesn’t make you spend dozens of hours every week. That’s why Dental Intelligence built DSO Scorecards — to give you instant access to a clear overview of your greatest achievements and opportunities for growth.

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Easy numbers at a glance

DSO Scorecards includes everything you need to confidently chart your organization’s future. Simplify hours of work and gain instant, tailored insights across all locations. Take control with auto-generated reports tailored to your specific needs, and help your teams align to work together more efficiently.

Actionable insights tailored to you

Every organization is unique, and the answers you need are now at your fingertips. With DSO Scorecards, you can now create and save your own auto-generated reports with the metrics, locations, and date ranges that matter most to you. Get daily, weekly, quarterly, or even year-over-year insights instantly.

Clearer visibility, fewer hassles

Say goodbye to traditional, manual reporting. Our customizable DSO Scorecards give you a quick, simple, and complete understanding of the metrics that matter most to you. With Scorecards, you can compare clinics, identify trends over time, and stay updated on how your organization is performing — all in one centralized space.

Easy alignment across teams

When teams are aligned, the rest comes easy. DSO Scorecards help you unite team members and streamline processes so your organization can achieve clear goals, informed teams, and frictionless work toward shared objectives.

Visualize complex data sets

Communicate your goals and achievements with ease and clarity. DSO Scorecards use visualizations to make complex data digestible and help you compare performance between locations and providers at a glance. Seamlessly switch between data views and visualizations to save time and gain key insights.  

Use trend visualization for selected time periods and fully customize your Scorecards to track goals unique to your organization. Share these with anyone in your organization, from executives to team members, so you can stay on the same page and strive for a better tomorrow.

Provider trends

Dental Intelligence Scorecards allow you to drill down from location to provider so you can see where your primary focus needs to be. With our new feature, Provider Scorecards, you can get an instant, clear view of which providers are hitting goals and where there are opportunities for growth in just a few clicks.

Connect staff members across your organization

Start sharing Location Scorecards within your organization. Share scorecards with staff members to generate team unity, hold team members accountable, and align your leaders around common goals. 

Save time, eliminate manual reporting, and grow your practices by standardizing your processes so you can focus on what matters most in your business.

Accuracy you can trust

Dental Intelligence provides analytics you can rely on, and DSO Scorecards takes that reliability to the next level. Decide what matters to you, and get the insights you need to identify trends, look back, and most importantly — look forward.

Intelligently shape the future of your practices

Where do your practices stand? Where are they headed? What needs to happen to turn your goals into your reality? Those answers are just a few clicks away, and we’ll prove it to you one-on-one.

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