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Looking to Improve Your Dental Facebook Marketing? Here Are Five Tips to Keep in Mind

Facebook is an essential social media platform to use as part of your dental marketing strategies. Here's some tips to help you engage with current customers and reach more potential customers.

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May 10, 2023

Facebook is a platform that many people either love or hate, but there's no doubt about it: Facebook is an effective dental marketing tool. A large portion of your potential patient base likely uses Facebook every day, and you can connect with them directly by using the platform as well. 

However, just like all marketing strategies, dental Facebook marketing requires careful consideration and planning to be successful. Read our five tips to craft a powerful, engaging Facebook marketing strategy for your dental practice. Then contact us to learn more about elevating dental marketing with Dental Intelligence.

1. Utilize Various Types of Facebook Ads

Facebook offers several different ad types, and including a variety in your dental Facebook marketing campaign can improve your reach. Some users simply respond better to certain types of ads than others. 

The most popular ad types include:

While it's fun to play around with these different ad types, make sure you're being purposeful about which type you choose for each ad. Facebook ads come in different price ranges, and you don't want to waste money on a more expensive ad type for no reason. 

2. Evaluate Your Metrics Regularly

Since you're spending money on Facebook ads, you want to ensure they're doing what they're supposed to. You can easily review data about your Facebook ad performance by logging into your Facebook Ads Manager. 

You'll gain access to the following key performance indicators:

These metrics provide information about the number of users who clicked on an ad, the percentage of people who followed through with your call to action, and more. With this data in mind, you can cut ad campaigns that aren't working well and continue funding ones that are, allowing you to reap the greatest return on investment (ROI). 

3. Use A/B Testing

A/B testing is a method of determining which type of ad performs best. We highly recommend using this strategy to perfect your dental Facebook marketing campaign. 

With this test, you'll roll out two forms of a Facebook ad — Version A and Version B — that are the same except for one specific difference, such as the call to action or the photo you include. Then, you'll compare their analytics and determine which works best. 

A/B testing helps you avoid wasting money on ads that don't perform well. You can spend a week or two testing each ad type, then stop funding the version that doesn't engage your audience as well.  

4. Use Paid and Organic Strategies

Paid Facebook ads can help you engage with your target audience, but your practice can also benefit from organic social media strategies. Creating a free Facebook account and posting updates about your dental practice can personalize your brand and remind patients of your services. You can host giveaways, share casual videos of your staff, post important updates, and more. 

If you decide to let employees post to your Facebook page, make sure they fully understand how HIPAA relates to social media use. Consider creating a social media policy1 that details how your employees can and cannot post to your Facebook page. For instance, you may require all employees who have access to the Facebook page to run their posts by a manager before submitting them. 

5. Humanize Your Practice

Dental Facebook marketing gives you a valuable opportunity to connect with your patient base in a personal, friendly way. You can use your Facebook ads and organic content to let your followers in on a side of your practice they may have never seen before. 

Dental anxiety is a major concern for many patients, and because of this, they may have already formed negative associations with your practice. By posting light-hearted, behind-the-scenes content about your dental staff, you can humanize your team and ease the anxieties your potential patients may experience. 

Engage More Patients with Dental Intelligence

Are you looking for ways to reach more prospective patients? Consider pairing your dental Facebook marketing strategy with our all-in-one practice performance solution. Dental Intelligence gives you access to patient engagement solutions that help you grow your business and improve patient retention. 

Schedule a demo to learn how our software can enhance your marketing strategy.



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Facebook is an essential social media platform to use as part of your dental marketing strategies. Here's some tips to help you engage with current customers and reach more potential customers.

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