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How to Use Morning Huddle to Increase Number of Appointments

When done well, a morning huddle is the most important 15 minutes of your day. Learn how you and your team can use the Morning Huddle to increase your number of appointments each and every day.

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May 5, 2023

When done well, a morning huddle is the most important 15 minutes of your day. That’s right — spending just 15 minutes with your team during a morning huddle can directly impact crucial Key Performance Indicators for your practice and make a great day even better. Many practices using Dental Intelligence regularly report scheduling over $1,000 of same-day treatment thanks to Morning Huddle.

Start Your Day Off Right

Get your team excited for the day with a comprehensive morning huddle. No need to show up early and run multiple reports manually — Dental Intelligence has already built a Morning Huddle for your entire team before the first person walks in the door. Our Morning Huddle takes your raw data and turns it into a path forward for your day, focused on your unique practice goals.

Working to grow your practice? With our Morning Huddle, you can discover opportunities to help increase the number of appointments on your schedule.

You can easily find patients with unscheduled family members, unscheduled treatment, and unscheduled hygiene. You can also use our suggested patients list to fill last minute holes in your schedule. Let’s break down each of these options and how to best review them during your morning huddle, so you can increase your number of appointments.

Unscheduled Family Members

One of the easiest ways to get more appointments is by scheduling your patients’ family members. There are two ways to go about this.

First, you can go over the unscheduled family members list. This will show you a list of patients on the schedule for today with family members that need to be scheduled. You could then assign a team member to reach out to them prior to their appointment and see if they could also bring in that family member during their appointment.

When your front desk is ready to call them, have them say something to the effect of: “Hi, Mrs. Dent. I see you’re scheduled to come in today. We just had a spot open in our schedule and it looks like your son, Arthur, is overdue for cleaning. Would you like to bring him in so we can take care of both of you at once?”

A better option might be to take a look at your schedule and look for open slots in green. Then see if the patient before or after that open slot has a family member that needs to be scheduled. You can prioritize these patients from the list of unscheduled family members, that way you can best fill your schedule.

Unscheduled Treatment & Unscheduled Hygiene

For patients with unscheduled treatment or unscheduled hygiene, Dental Intelligence also has a ready-to-use list. These lists show the patient’s name and the unscheduled procedures on their treatment plan or past-due hygiene.

Consider looking for holes in your schedule, then check the patients before or after the open time and see if they have unscheduled treatment or unscheduled hygiene. If they do, reach out to them immediately, and fill those empty times with patients who are already scheduled today.

Our Morning Huddle also lets you print the day’s schedule. Try printing it out and giving it to each of your providers. Then, invite them to ask any patient on their schedule that has unscheduled treatment or unscheduled hygiene about completing it during their appointment or scheduling it before they leave.

Suggested Patients

Maybe you don’t have many patients coming in today that are on any of the above lists, but you still have holes in your schedule you would like to fill. With our unique algorithm, the suggested patients list shows you the best patients to fill a last-minute opening.

Prior to providing you with these suggested patients, we analyze every unscheduled active patient in your practice management system. Our list considers patients’ show rates, AR balances, treatment acceptance percentage, and many other factors.

We don't want you to just schedule any patient. We want you to schedule the best patient. Our list will show you patients that are more likely to say yes, pay, show up, and generate more production for your practice.

Plan for a Better Tomorrow

Once you’ve gone through and prioritized your patients on the schedule for today, begin to prepare for tomorrow. Our Morning Huddle allows you to look ahead at the schedule as well as the unscheduled lists for patients on the schedule tomorrow. That way, you can fill your next day’s schedule using the same strategies.

The Most Important 15 Minutes

An effective morning huddle can take an ambiguous wish to be busier and turn it into a step-by-step plan to achieve your goals. 

Many practices have found success using the techniques above. Some practices even make it their goal to end every day with more patients on the schedule than they started with. This way, they get the most out of each day, prevent patient attrition, and save their patients’ time.

Looking for more ways to get the most out of your morning huddle? Check out our free eBook "The Battle for the Morning Huddle" to learn how you can also use your morning huddle to increase production per visit, improve collections, and more. Schedule a demo today to see the Morning Huddle and other features in action.

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When done well, a morning huddle is the most important 15 minutes of your day. Learn how you and your team can use the Morning Huddle to increase your number of appointments each and every day.

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