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3 Tips for Providing Outstanding Dental Customer Service

Good dental customer service is key to getting repeat clients. Here's three tips on how to provide excellent customer service for your patients.

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April 21, 2023

Providing outstanding service can encourage people to return to your dental office to take care of their oral health. Not only that, but if your dental customers have a good experience, they’re more likely to recommend you to their friends and family.

But while customer service is important, it isn’t always easy to figure out how to improve it.

So what can you do to stand out from the crowd? At Dental Intelligence, we have three tips to help you enhance your clients’ experiences.

1. Make Things Easier for Your Clients

Nobody likes dealing with frustrating, inconvenient scheduling or payment systems.

Maybe your scheduling system isn’t up to date, which could frustrate a potential dental customer. Maybe the check-in process is too intimidating, and your clients decide they’d rather go somewhere else instead of dealing with it again. Maybe trying to make a payment has them running around in circles — until they just decide not to deal with the problem in the future.

Your clients want to be able to schedule appointments, pay bills, and check in without a hassle. As such, the more streamlined your process, the better experience your clients will have.

Try creating a simple, easy-to-use scheduling calendar with Online Scheduling. Dental Intelligence Payments can also help streamline your payments process. You could even potentially set up a help system if they’re struggling with an insurance claim from Delta Dental, Guardian, or another company. Virtual Check-In can make things much easier for your clients, encouraging them to come back time and time again.

2. Build a Relationship with Your Clients

If you want to improve your dental customer service, then one of the best things you can do is build a relationship with your clients.

Your clients want to feel like their dental team cares about them. Taking the time to listen to them, explain things, and remember their concerns can build trust.

Consider doing the following:

3. Make Sure You Have a Clean, Comfortable Office Space

Imagine this: you walk into a dental office and notice old, damaged chairs, smudges of dirt on the tables, and a dark, dreary atmosphere. You’re unlikely to enjoy the experience, especially if the rest of the building is also in disarray.

Ensuring your office space is hygienic and comfortable can help improve a potential client’s opinion.

Make sure that you:

In addition, including a range of amenities can go a long way in helping you stand out. For example, consider having warm blankets, stress balls, and sunglasses ready to make your clients more comfortable. Having free Wi-Fi or streaming services can also make an office visit more enjoyable.

Create a Fantastic Experience for Your Dental Clients

Having outstanding dental customer service is key to getting repeat customers. By being friendly, providing outstanding services, and improving your office space, you can enhance your clients’ experiences.

Dental patient convenience is one of the best ways to improve dental customer service and encourage repeat clients. At Dental Intelligence, we’re ready to provide you with the dental assistance you need to improve your practice. Schedule a demo today to see our software in action.

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Good dental customer service is key to getting repeat clients. Here's three tips on how to provide excellent customer service for your patients.

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