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The most efficient dental office communication system

Improve internal communication within your practice so that even the busiest days stay calm and collected.

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Improve internal communication in your dental practice

According to research at Queens University, 39% of employees believe that people in their organization don’t collaborate enough. 

Encourage office staff collaboration with the Dental Intelligence Team Chat. It's like text messaging, but just for your staff. Engage and connect with your employees in a digital communication platform they'll love using!

Create individual and group chats

Conveniently stay in touch with your office staff throughout the day from anywhere in the office. You can start individual chats or group conversations in your dashboard. Whenever someone responds you will receive a notification.

You’ll have all the tools needed to communicate effectively in the office and create a better patient handoff experience.

Provide a connected workplace

Keep your entire dental practice connected throughout the day with Dental Intelligence Team Chat.

74% of employees have the feeling they’re missing out on company news because the internal communication department is non-existent or doing a poor job, according to Gallup.

Don't let your office fall into the rut of miscommunication. Give your employees the tools and processes to manage communication effectively.

Get notified wherever you are

Not in front of your computers all day? No worries, the mobile app has you covered! Receive push notifications about unread messages on your phone or smart watch as you move about the office tending to patients.

Need to let your hygienist know their patient is in the waiting room? Send a message. Ready for the doctor to complete a patient exam? Send a message. Want to let your front desk know to schedule appointments for the next stages of treatment when your patient checks out? Send a message!

Instant messages with real-time notifications are an efficient system of communication for your practice, so your doctors and team members can manage their time and priorities without being glued to computers.

Discuss the needs of your practice

Chat with your office staff in real-time. Discuss patient treatment procedure, resolve schedule changes, plan for patients coming in and keep dentists and staff connected.

If you have multiple locations, those with Group access can easily reach out to any person at any location via message.

Keep work fun

Our Team Chat feature is fully equipped with GIFs and emojis to make your internal communications a little more fun for everyone.

Intelligently shape the future of your practice

Where does your practice stand? Where is it headed? What needs to happen to turn your goals into your reality? Those answers are just a few clicks away, and we’ll prove it to you one-on-one.

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