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Growth in Dentistry


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How to Align with Your Vision and Values to Create Growth with Geri Gottlieb of GG Practice Coaching & Development

Show Notes

Today we chat with Geri Gottlieb of GG Practice Coaching and Development, who has been in the dental industry for over 30 years creating systems and adding value to the practices she has worked alongside. Geri's work with her practices has shown excellent metrics in business and clinical outcomes in both Annual Patient Value and Pre-appointment numbers, which is why we sat down to see what she is doing with practices to help them in these areas of growth!

Listen in to our conversation with Geri to hear:

  • About the type of dentists Geri is working with and how an interdisciplinary dentistry approach can make a difference
  • How important vision and values are for each practice and how that impacts what actually happens in the practice
  • How to make sure you're looking at the metrics in a way that aligns with your goals and values for your practice

...and so much more!

To contact Geri and learn more about GG Practice Coaching and Development, you can visit and/or email

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