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DEEP DIVE: Dr. Steve Markowitz

Show Notes

Welcome to another Practice Growth Deep Dive episode of the Growth in Dentistry podcast. Today, Steve and Adam are joined by Dr. Steve Markowitz, who we are thrilled to have on the podcast for a second time! Since he was first on the podcast in 2022, there have been many areas of growth for Dr. Markowitz's practices, and we are excited to share with you what he has learned along the way.

Listen in to hear:

• The importance of aligning team members with the business's treatment philosophies and goals

• Lessons learned from managing multiple practices, including the importance of having the right people in the right roles and the challenges of leadership

• What to do when a practice isn't performing well and the difficult decisions that come with that

• The importance of communication and trust and giving team members the support they need to thrive in new roles

…and so much more!

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