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Growth in Dentistry


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Accelerate Practice Transformation with Ella Mullokandova, Co-Founder of Converge Dental

Show Notes

Welcome back to the Growth in Dentistry podcast! Today we have the privilege to talk to Ella of Converge Dental, a dental consulting firm.

Listen in to hear us talk about:

  • The maturity model for businesses and how it relates to dentistry and how to grow as a company/practice
  • The process Converge Dental uses to grow their practices
  • The 5 areas of a patient lifecycle and why customer experience is important
  • How each person in the office has a role in the growth of a practice
  • Best practices for the different roles in the practice

…and so much more!

To get in contact with Ella and Tanya at Converge Dental, you can visit their website ( or email

Link to model practice and practice maturity model:

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