Patient Loyalty Program

Keep patients coming back with a patient loyalty program that rewards and incentivizes a positive experience for staff and patients alike.

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Incentivize patients to help grow your practice

Our unique Loyalty Program rewards patients for completing tasks that help them get the care they need and help you reach the goals you've set for your practice. You enjoy a more efficient practice, and your patient base is excited about coming to the dentist and completing mundane tasks like routine paperwork.

Patient loyalty programs help you easily earn repeat business by allowing patients to earn points for actions that you choose. When you reward behavior that helps dentistry get done, more dentistry gets done, period.

Loyalty programs like this give a boost to the patient experience and let your patients know they're valued. As a result, patient loyalty increases.

Increase patient retention at your dental office

Making your patients feel appreciated is crucial to increasing patient retention and satisfaction.

Our patient loyalty program allows you to reward your patients for a variety of things, including showing up on time, filling out their required forms, and referring family and friends. Even making on-time payments can come with small rewards, which means they're more likely to pay on time.

Making your patients feel appreciated can help increase patient retention and patient satisfaction.

Choose rewards that will enhance the patient experience

Every positive action can be incentivized with loyalty points, and patients can then use those points to redeem whatever rewards you see fit! You get to create a patient loyalty program that makes sense for your practice and can choose rewards that provide a good ROI. Some offices offer discounted teeth whitening services, or electronic toothbrushes, or gift cards to other local businesses. Pediatric practices might offer stuffed animals, stickers, or toys. The types of rewards, and the amount of points needed to redeem them, are all completely up to you!

Personalize and celebrate special occasions

It's not just about getting new patients! Your current patient relationships deserve some recognition too. What better way to bolster those relationships than with a little bonus that makes patients feel appreciated?

Our unique patient loyalty program allows you to attach value to any message or occasion. It turns calls and emails from your office into little gifts instead of pestering.

Sending a happy birthday message? Throw in a few loyalty points. Is it the anniversary of the first time a patient came to your office? Loyalty points! Has it been a crazy day when the waiting room gets clogged? Give patient patients a few loyalty points as a way to say "thanks for your understanding." Provide loyal patients with small reminders that you notice and appreciate them choosing your practice for their dental care.

Attach rewards points to any direct message to add an extra special touch that will keep you top of mind and help build long-lasting patient relationships.

*Regulations surrounding patient loyalty programs and rewards vary by state. Please consult your legal representative with any questions regarding regulatory compliance or what rewards can be offered via patient loyalty programs in your area.

Earn your patients' repeat business and increase new patient acquisition

Giving patients rewards will not only increase patient loyalty and the overall patient experience, but also bring in more prospective patients and referrals.

You can jumpstart new patient acquisition by advertising the patient loyalty program online. Turning dental hygiene into a small game can be a surprising draw for new patients.

This type of patient engagement is equally fun for your current patients. Providing your most loyal patients with rewards will ensure they keep them coming back!

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