Dental Patient Mass Communication

Save hours of outreach effort with instant, effective mass communication that stays as personal as you want it to be.

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Keep patients engaged and informed at
every step

Personalized messages shouldn't take up hours of your day. With DI's mass communication tools, you can quickly send messages in bulk to targeted lists of patients. Just choose the format that works best, like text, email, or even voicemail drops, and let us do the heavy lifting.

Custom lists for every purpose you can imagine

Want to send a message to those who have a birthday today? Create and save a list titled "All patients with a birthday today." Want to reach out with a welcome message for new patients with an appointment tomorrow? Select your custom list titled "All new patients scheduled tomorrow."

Easily find the right patients at your dental office to message

It takes just seconds to create highly customizable lists for any occasion. Dozens of custom filters include options like patient age, status, date of last visit, outstanding account balance, provider, and much more. Save the filter sets you use most, name the list, and next time you'll have it at your fingertips in just seconds.

You can also pull in lists from Dental Intelligence Patient Finder for even more granular data and filtering capabilities, like patients with unscheduled treatment over a certain dollar amount, those with a certain insurance provider, or those with a broken appointment that wasn't rescheduled in the last 90 days.

Personalize each message

While these bulk messages will send to a list of many, you don't need to sacrifice personalization. You can still customize the message and address your patients directly.

Placeholders that add personalization

Don't start off your mass messages with something like "to our valued patient." Instead, call them Tim, or Deborah, or whatever else. Use their name! It's one of the most powerful words in marketing, and we auto-fill every message with it. But it doesn't stop with names. You can also auto-fill important details like visit date, provider name, and more.

Mass Communication for every occasion

We understand that different channels make sense for different types of messages, which is why we offer mass email, text, and voicemail drops.

Mass email is great for dental office marketing and keeping your patients engaged between appointments with newsletters and holiday greetings that help keep your practice top of mind. Mass texts help you get timely information in front of the right people, like letting your ASAP list know about a same-day appointment opening. Voicemail drops are great for adding a personal touch from the doctor to new patient welcome calls or post-op check-ins.

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