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Collect more reviews with ease

Dental Intelligence makes it easy for happy patients to share their experience with the world. We send an invitation to leave a review automatically via text, email, or push notification after every visit. You don't have to beg for reviews; we'll make sure you get them.

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Get More 5-Star Reviews

Ensure that your dental practice stands out online.

Decrease negative reivews.

We can't force your patients to say only good things, but we can make it less likely that dissatisfied patients air their grievances online. Every message comes with a button that says "tell us how we can improve." When they fill out this section, their feedback goes directly back to you and doesn't get posted anywhere else. It's a quick, direct way to provide resolution before a bad experience becomes a 1-star review.

Dealing with an especially difficult patient? No problem. Just click a button during checkout, and they won't receive the automatic request to leave a review.

Focus on the review sites that matter most to you

We support up to 5 review sites. Want to focus on Google? We'll help you focus reviews there. Do you prefer Facebook, or Yelp? No problem. Just specify which sites you value most, and we'll help you build a strong online reputation there and everywhere else.

"Our office has been using reviews through Engagement for a year now with overwhelming success. When we started we had only 17 reviews from all time. Now in only a year we have over 190 reviews and our Star rating has increased from a 4.6 to a 4.9! With Engagement automatically sending the reviews it is so easy for the patients to respond with no additional work for the staff. We are definitely SUPER FANS of Engagement at our office."

Diane Foulks
Office Manager — Dr. Layth Saraf Dental Office

Why worry about online reviews?

You can be reasonably confident that every new patient who walks through your door has checked out your practice online. Having a collection of positive reviews helps you put your best foot forward and show potential new patients just how amazing your dentist office is.

Even more importantly, online reviews are a significant factor in Google's algorithm for ranking local businesses. If you have more reviews, your practice will be displayed more prominently in search results.

Rank above other dental practices

You don't have to do anything. Just opt in to start getting more positive reviews faster than the practice down the street.

Dental Intelligence makes leaving a review so easy that you automatically have an advantage over other practice in your area that aren't using a system like this. They still have to send out review requests manually, which takes hours, can easily fall through the cracks, and doesn't have any built in safety valves to reach resolution with frustrated patients before their experience leads to a negative review.

Send reviews via text, email, or push notification

Ensure patients get review invitations via the channels they're most engaged with.

Our entire process for reviews is simple. You can easily send a review invitation via text message, email, or even a push notification on our mobile app.

Manage reviews through our Swell integration

Make every review an opportunity to show your patients that you genuinely care and value their opinion. 60% of patients feel it's important for doctors to respond to their online reviews. Yelp found that their users are 33% more likely to increase their review if a business responds to it.

Managing reviews can help you strengthen your brand and improve future opportunities. With our Swell integration, you can quickly manage your reviews across all websites you have reviews from a single dashboard.

Be the highest-rated practice

Get every practice in your organization in front of your prospective patients online and help make the decision to choose your practice an easy one with. Whether the review was left yesterday or over a year ago, reviews can help your dental offices gain traction online and attract more new patients.

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