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Engage with everyone on two different apps

There's an app for everything, so why not your dental practice? Our mobile app means you don't have to spend thousands on development and advertising to get your staff and patient communications online. One app synced with your practice management system will help you increase engagement with your patients and your staff alike.

Dental Intelligence's patient engagement app maximizes convenience for every patient even before they walk into your office. It gives them full visibility into paperwork, appointments, reminders, loyalty points, and so much more.

But mobile apps aren't just for patients! You can use our practice mobile app to keep your staff engaged with your schedule and patient chat. That way you can see all daily operations without being tied to a computer. Everything every staff member needs to run an effective practice is on the mobile device in their pocket!

An app that makes dental appointments easier for patients

Encourage your patients to download your free app by sending them a link. They download the app, easily sign up or sign in, and can immediately, conveniently see everything they need on their phone. They can send and receive messages, view and complete paperwork, update their contact details, and view all relevant dental practice information.

Patients will also be able to manage appointment reminders, update electronic forms, and track and redeem points in your patient Loyalty Program!

Incentivize your patients with a built-in Loyalty Program

People love incentives! By adding a Loyalty Program in the mobile app, you can reward patients for completing tasks that improve their experience and increase productivity in your office, such as showing up on time and promptly paying their balances. Strengthen your patient relationships and create a next-level patient experience by gamifying the entire appointment process from start to finish.

People get points and rewards for everything from hotels and flights to groceries and coffee shops, so why not for going to the dentist? Our Loyalty Program is an effective way to engage your existing patients, attract more new patients, and get more patient referrals to grow your business.

An app that makes life easier for your staff

Our app for your dental practice gives staff members the ability to quickly view vital information and communicate with others internally and externally.

In the app, you can easily access the daily schedule, send and receive messages to patients and team members, and view patient information. Everything you need is always in the palm of your hand.

Practice admins have to power to approve or restrict access for different devices and staff users on the website and in the apps, so you can conveniently communicate with patients anytime, anywhere while ensuring patient data and privacy are always protected.

Stay in the loop with push notifications

Office staff can enable push notifications on their mobile devices or smart watches to make sure they are always on top of the situation. You can customize which features you want to receive push notifications for, including LiveOps™, Appointments, Patient Chat, and Team Chat.

Best of all, if you have multiple dental practices, you can easily toggle between them. One app to rule them all!

Apps that benefit you and your patients

Allowing your patients to use the free app can make dentistry more convenient for them and earn you more referrals. Using the mobile app for team members strengthens the operational capabilities of your dental practice and helps you develop strong, lasting patient relationships.

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