Virtual Intelligent Dentistry - CE

Free On-Demand Continuing Education

This course will highlight the most sure-fire ways to appropriately increase production in any dental practice. Many practices fail to create clarity in their diagnostic criteria. This results in underdiagnosis. The creation of uniform criteria exposes many more opportunities to recommend treatment. When combined with improved treatment presentation skills and patient-centric, benefit- oriented verbal skills, treatment acceptance markedly increases.

In this high-impact workshop, we'll walk you through how to use data to empower your team. There's no fluff, no messing around, just a rock-solid PROVEN formula that you can follow to improve patient care & increase practice profitability. Here's what you'll learn: The simple, easy formula for increasing profits. (Proven in over 4,000 practices just like yours) How to get your team excited about measurement & accountability. How to eliminate holes in your schedule AND increase Treatment Acceptance by 10-20% (or more) overnight! And much more!

It's one thing to have the knowledge, skill and technology to provide your clinical expertise for patients. It's another thing to gain their acceptance for your care. This program will devote its attention to case presentation and increasing treatment acceptance. Learn office protocols and communication skills to improve practice productivity. Learning Objectives: Learn how to introduce office standards and treatment fees in proper environment. Discover the importance of body language, tone and words used in discussing treatment plans and treatment fees. Enhance Skills to present comprehensive cases with competence and confidence.

In this seminar, Dr. Tau shares numerous tips and best practices to not only become credible but visible online. He will also discuss the system that has been tried and tested in his own office, enabling him to take his practice to the next level simply by marketing his reputation. Learning objectives: Understand the importance of taking control of your online presence • Learn software programs that help manage your reputation • See why your practice may not be ranking as high as it could be • Discuss ways in which patient reviews can manifest online • Develop strategies for garnering positive patient reviews • Review team training tips for garnering positive feedback

Learning Objectives: - How embezzlement hides in plain sight - How embezzlement costs dentists $1 billiions annually - Why conventional controls fail miserably - 8 things you can do in your practice to stop an embezzler in their tracks

Improving your daily dentisting life requires a commitment to enhancing clinical techniques, patient communication skills, practice management systems and taking care of yourself as the dentist. In this course, Dr. Paul Goodman will go over systems to help get your day started successfully, talk about overcoming daily challenges within your practice and help you create a streamlined approach to case presentation.