Automated Dental Recalls

A recall reminder system that keeps your schedule full

Dental Intelligence keeps your patients coming back and helps your dental practice increase production. Dental recalls help your practice provide more and better dentistry every single day.

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Why do healthy recall programs matter?

Increase your practice production

A dental recall system helps your practice retain patients, which is one of the most consistent predictors of healthy production. They help you develop strong relationships with existing patients, which is faster and more cost-effective than solely focusing on attracting new patients.

Don't let patients slip through the cracks

Which patients have their next appointment scheduled? How many still need to be contacted? Without a thriving patient recall system, your front desk will spend dozens of hours spinning their wheels.

Dental Intelligence is here to help you develop a thriving patient recall program. Our software helps your office track which patients have their next hygiene appointment scheduled and which ones you need to get back on the schedule.

Save your office staff time, help patients keep their regularly scheduled checkup appointments, and encourage appointment bookings with our automated dental recall system.

Help patients prioritize oral health

A healthy patient is a happy patient, and if you consistently emphasize that you care about their well being, they'll be happier, healthier, and more likely to show up for their next visit.

Automated hygiene recalls remind patients of upcoming appointments via text, email, or mobile app. If your practice can reach patients with recall reminders in the channels they're most engaged in, it will make life easier for the front office staff, the dentist, and the patient alike.

Improve patient communication

Recall systems can come across as a nuisance, or as helpful. Dental Intelligence is thoughtfully designed to ensure that your patients experience your reminder messages as the latter.

With us, your patients get follow up messages and a quick, easy link to schedule an appointment in the same message. Just one text, email, or in-app chat includes everything your patients need to encourage regular recall appointments and patient satisfaction.

Save your office staff time and phone calls by using Dental Intelligence's unparalleled recall software.

“We started sending automated hygiene recalls this week, and have gotten 10 cleanings scheduled this morning!!! Literally paid for 5 months of the product in one morning!! THANK YOU FOR A GREAT PRODUCT!!!”

Deanna Quinn
Office Manager

Patient Recall Marketing

When dental practices get started with Dental Intelligence, they often identify a significant number of patients who have slipped through the cracks. We help you get all of them back on track in just minutes with mass texts or emails, so you can fill your the holes in your schedule in one fell swoop instead of spending hours on dozens of unanswered phone calls.

You will love the impact that recall marketing has on your total number of future appointments.

If you need any help getting started, we have ready-to-use templates. You can use them straight out of the box, or customize them to say exactly what you want them to say.

Automated Reminders

Getting patients on the schedule is only half of the battle when it comes to a successful recall program. The other half is getting them to show up for the appointment.

While getting patients to keep appointments is multi-pronged, making sure they don't forget about the appointment is a major piece of the puzzle.

Dental Intelligence's dental appointment reminders are second to none when it comes to effectiveness and ease of use.

Why Dental Intelligence's Dental Recall System?

Not all dental recall systems are the same, just like all dental offices are not the same. Your practice might function differently than other practices who use Dental Intelligence, and our recall system is made to adapt to those differences.

As you decide what works best for your practice and your patients, you can change how you use our recall software to adapt to those changes.

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