What Is a Dental Treatment Plan? Everything You Need to Know

Designing effective, easy-to-understand treatment plans for patients may be difficult. At Dental Intelligence, we've created templates for digital treatment plans to make presenting and accepting treatment easier.

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November 2, 2022

When a patient visits your dental office, you’ll design a treatment plan that meets their unique needs and provides quality solutions. But what is a dental treatment plan, and what does it include? In this brief guide, we cover the basics of well-rounded treatment plans and what your patients can expect from them.

What Is a Dental Treatment Plan?

A dental treatment plan is essentially a roadmap for a client’s dental health. It outlines the recommended treatment for a patient’s teeth, how you plan to implement it, and the desired treatment outcome. You’ll need to lay out your plan in writing to make it available to others and store it for important medical records.

Dental professionals with new patients usually start creating a plan during the initial appointment. Dentists with regular, long-standing clients have an easier task regarding treatment planning—they already know the individuals and can recall their medical files. Dental treatment options can be long-term (such as with general oral healthcare) or short-term (such as with an isolated procedure like tooth reconstruction).

It may be difficult to design effective, easy-to-understand treatment plans. At Dental Intelligence, we can provide a template for dental treatment plans. 

What Are the Phases of a Dental Treatment Plan?

At this point, you may wonder, “What is a dental treatment plan’s process?” Treatment plans include several critical phases, each with a unique purpose. Together, they address dental issues and help patients achieve optimal oral health.

Dental treatment plans consist of the following phases:

What Types of Treatment Do Dental Treatment Plans Include?

Every dental patient walks through your doors with different needs and concerns. You can’t design a one-size-fits-all dental treatment plan because everyone is unique and requires a customized solution to their problem. However, plans typically include the following treatment options:

Keep in mind that dental treatments can be scary for many patients. A treatment plan should be a collaborative effort between the patient and the dental practitioner. Always ask your patient if they have questions or concerns about a procedure before proceeding.

Tips for At-Home Dental Health Care

What is a dental treatment plan? It’s a clearly defined method to help your patients achieve and maintain healthy, beautiful teeth. You can only do so much during a six-month checkup, so a lot of dental health care must take place at home.

As you devise dental treatment plans, be sure to emphasize at-home care. Patients can prevent many oral health issues by following simple, practical steps, such as:

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