How to Write a Dental Appointment Reminder Email

Here are some best practices for designing and sending reminder messages.

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November 5, 2022

How to Write a Dental Appointment Reminder Email: Samples and Best Practices

We all know that the best way to ensure that your patients show up for their dental appointments is to remind them in advance. But what's the best way to do it, and what should you include in a dental appointment reminder email ? Here are some best practices for designing and sending reminder messages.

Use the Right Channels

When it comes to appointment reminders, you'll want to use the right channel for your audience. For example, older patients typically prefer a phone call or voicemail, while younger patients usually prefer the convenience of a text message. Understanding your client demographic will help you determine the best channel for reminding folks about their dental appointments.

Email reminders are a must, but they're not the only effective channel. At Dental Intelligence, we have the tools to simplify appointment reminders and help you see responses. Check out dental appointment reminder software from Dental Intelligence to learn more.

Include All the Essential Appointment Information

Your dental appointment reminder email sample should include important information about the upcoming appointment. Patients will need to know things like:

· Appointment date and time slot

· Dental practice location and how to get there

· Name of the dentist who will be seeing them (if applicable)

· Phone number(s) for the office or clinic

As you formulate automated reminders, make sure you follow all HIPAA guidelines. You must never include the patient's reason for the appointment and other confidential health information.

Keep It Professional but Personal

A great rule of thumb is to keep your dental appointment reminders professional but personal. Using a professional tone will help patients feel confident in your knowledge and technical skills. But don't make it robotic—a personal touch can build trust by showing that you're human, too.

As you work on making your friendly reminders professional and personal, here are some things to consider:

· Use emojis sparingly. You may decide to use emoticons in the email subject line, but going overboard with the emojis will make your message seem too informal.

· Double and triple-check grammar and spelling. Poor grammar and spelling errors deplete a reader's confidence, and can even make them suspect a scam.

· Be polite and respectful. For example, always identify yourself at the beginning of your message and conclude by thanking the recipient.

Consider the Date and Time

Sending out appointment reminders at the ideal time and date will make them much more effective. If you send a message too early, the patient might forget about it or ignore it because it's still a long way off. If you send reminders too late, a patient might have to reschedule or cancel their appointment because of other obligations.

It's a good idea to send your dental appointment reminder one week in advance. This will give patients enough time to plan ahead and ensure they can make it. You should also remind them 24 hours beforehand to bring the appointment to the front of their mind.

End with a Call to Action

Every dental appointment reminder email sample should end with a clear call to action. You'll want the recipient to engage with the message to ensure they've absorbed the information. For example, you can add a button or link that allows a patient to confirm their appointment.

Other excellent examples of appointment reminder CTAs include:

· "Learn more" links to your clinic's website

· A Google Maps link to help patients find directions to your office

· An option to reschedule or cancel their upcoming appointment

It's always good practice to have an opt-out option as well. Not everyone wants to keep getting text reminders or phone calls about their scheduled dentist visit. If someone would like to change how they receive reminders, you should give them an opportunity to opt out.

Stay Brief

With your appointment reminders, make sure you get your point across clearly and include all the necessary information. But don't clutter the email, phone call, or text

message — keep it brief so the recipient can look it over immediately and not put it off until they have more time.

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