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How to Update Your Patients About New Dental Services

‍Introducing a new dental service can be a practical way to boost your business and improve patient retention. By using the right strategies, you can engage with your target audience and encourage appointments.

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May 4, 2023

Modern dentistry undergoes frequent changes, including the development of new technology, remote resources, and treatment. Introducing these new services to patients can be a struggle for your staff if they already manage a busy schedule. Fortunately, certain tools and strategies can help you update patients anywhere at any time.

Investing in our Mass Communication is just one example of how you can streamline patient outreach. Explore other ways your practice can introduce new dental services and grow your leads.

What Are the Most Common Ways for a Dental Practice to Introduce New Technology or Services?

Most dental practices rely on mass email campaigns to deliver information to their patients. However, you should not expect all your patients to use this resource. Preparing alternative solutions will ensure that your audience gets the information they need to improve their oral health and schedule regular appointments.

Meet with your front and back office dental team to discuss a practical communication strategy. These discussions will help your team identify patient pain points, behavior, and preferred methods of communication, which you can use during your outreach campaign.

Once you have established a budget and directed staff toward their appropriate roles, start putting pen to paper. More specifically, create a phone script.

Phone scripts help you introduce key features of your new dental service when patients call. You can create multiple templates in case your patients have questions. For example, if you are pitching a new dental emergency service plan over the phone, you should also prepare to answer questions about insurance or pricing. 

Consider writing quarterly newsletters for your email subscribers. This method will keep your patients engaged with your practice’s developments, allowing them to seek further resources on their own time.

How Can a Combined Approach Maximize Outreach?

Physical advertisements, such as magazine ads and billboards, are also useful for communicating new information about your dental practice. These mediums can emphasize the most important details of your service and encourage actionability.

For example, suppose your dental practice just invested in a new state-of-the-art digital radiography machine. In this case, your advertisement could look something like this:

We now offer the best X-ray technology in the industry! Call us at [PHONE NUMBER] to schedule with our dental care experts today.

Notice how the language above is not too specific. Most patients know what an X-ray machine is, but the term digital radiology machine may not mean much to everyone. 

Never underestimate the power of in-person sales. Try explaining your new services to patients before or after their examinations. This method is a great way to communicate information while tying your services into the patient’s specific dental coverage plans. 

What Dental Practice Management Resources Can You Deploy for Better Results?

Preparing mass emails and advertisements can be time-consuming. For instance, it could take weeks to A/B test email headers to achieve high open rates for your service announcement. Additionally, designing graphics for a physical poster requires an artist, someone to distribute the advertisement, and more.

It may be worth hiring a dental practice coach to review your current outreach strategy. Coaches will recommend improvements to your content that will increase trust between your patients and your practice. They will also monitor your communications for several days and assess your deployment strategy to ensure that your patients receive correct information about their dental plans and preventative care.

Streamline Your Dental Practice Sales with Industry-Proven Resources

Your communication strategy may look different from other practices across town. Find the best solution by partnering with Dental Intelligence. We help hundreds of dental care providers like you manage their patient outreach strategies with convenient and intuitive tools. 

Invest in features like Team Chat, 2-Way Communication, and more. Dental Intelligence is ready to help. Schedule a demo today!

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‍Introducing a new dental service can be a practical way to boost your business and improve patient retention. By using the right strategies, you can engage with your target audience and encourage appointments.

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