How to Acquire High-Quality Local Backlinks for Your Dental Website

Acquiring local backlinks could be the key to your dental office's growth. Keep reading to learn more.

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March 17, 2023

In today’s digital age, running a successful dental practice requires more than just getting a proper education and your DDS or DMD. Dentists must now also leverage tactics like search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing to drive growth for their practice. One of the most important aspects of your website’s SEO strategy comes from local backlinks.

While the process of acquiring quality backlinks can be difficult, the rewards are worth the effort. Below, we explain local backlinks and provide some expert advice on the best ways to utilize this effective SEO technique to boost visibility and drive growth.

What Are Local Backlinks?

A backlink is a hyperlink that leads from one website to another. For example, if a website posts a link that leads back to your practice’s website, you’ve received a backlink.

Google’s search engine algorithm uses over 200 factors to evaluate, categorize, and index websites. However, it’s the quality of the backlinks that is most important. Acquiring backlinks from reputable, trustworthy sites can establish credibility for your website and boost its place in the search rankings.

Specifically, local backlinks come from local sources in your geographical area or target market. You can gain backlinks in three ways: through outreach, self-creation, or naturally.

Six Local Link-Building Tactics for Dental Practices

1. Invest in SEO and Marketing Services

Many dental practice owners lack the free time and experience to develop, implement, and maintain an SEO strategy. Instead, consider investing in professional SEO and marketing services. It’s an excellent way to get your business out in the local market and reach more potential customers.

2. Use Local Business Citations

Another way to gain more local backlinks is by claiming local business citations on websites like Yelp, Google My Business, and more. These websites provide current information about your dental practice and other local businesses, like its name, address, hours, phone number, and patient reviews. In addition, they often include a link to your website.

However, claiming citations is not enough on its own; you’ll need more link-building tactics to start seeing noticeable results.

3. Reach Out to Your Professional Network

You can also utilize your professional and personal network as a way to gain more backlinks. For example, you could reach out to your college alums, attend local dental conferences, or speak with other local business owners in your area. Furthermore, if you’re a member of local organizations, you can ask them to include a link to your practice’s website.  

4. Publish Press Releases

One tried-and-true method of building backlinks is publishing press releases, which provide local coverage and increase visibility. Consider writing a press release about your practice’s participation in local events or charity work. For example, you could provide pro bono dental work to a member of your local community.

Most experts recommend publishing one press release per quarter.

5. Ask Patients for Online Reviews

Asking patients for online reviews about their experience with your dental office is an effective way to build more local backlinks. Of course, not every patient will leave you a review. However, you can offer an incentive (like a discount or a gift card to a local business) that will improve the chances of receiving patient feedback.

In addition, our solution includes an Online Reviews feature, which automatically sends feedback requests to every patient after their appointment. It’s an excellent way to build credibility and brand awareness in your local community.

6. Thought Leadership

As a dental professional, you have valuable knowledge and experience that you can leverage to improve your SEO and backlink-building strategies. One way to do this is with thought leadership or writing online for dental magazines, digital publications, or blogs. Target websites with high domain authority to increase the value and quality of your backlinks.  

Bolster Your SEO Techniques with Local Backlinks

One of the most common SEO mistakes for dental practices is failing to invest time and effort into building local backlinks. You can publish press releases, contact your professional business connections, ask patients to leave reviews, and submit your dental practice’s information to local business directories.

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