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Grow Your Practice with these 6 Most Profitable Dental Services

If growing your practice is important to you, here are six dental services that can be the most profitable.

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May 8, 2023

As a dentist, you perform important oral healthcare services for your patients, and the profits from these services keep your business running. Certain dental procedures offer a better return on investment than others, so it helps to know the most profitable dental services. By adding these to your suite of services, and by using Dental Intelligence's tools to increase dental production per visit, you can grow your practice while ensuring high-quality patient care.

Consider Which Dental Patients You See

Which patients you see the most often depends on your practice's location and the caliber of services you provide.

For example, a dentist located in a wealthier area could focus on promoting cosmetic dentistry. Teeth whitening services, veneers, and other cosmetic procedures bring in great profits. Therefore, it would be sensible for such an office to zero in on these procedures to increase their bottom line.

On the other hand, a dental care provider located in a rural or lower income area may see more patients who need serious dental work, such as root canals. Marketing cosmetic procedures in this area may not provide a reasonable return on investment.

Although there are disparities in dental and oral care, placing your focus on the type of patient that comes into your dental practice most often can increase your profits while providing the best care for them.

The 6 Most Profitable Dental Services

Certain dental procedures bring in more profits than others, and encouraging patients to seek such work could increase your total annual surplus. Such profitable services include:

  1. Teeth whitening: Teeth whitening services are highly appealing to many patients, as whiter teeth are seen as more attractive and healthier. In many cases, you can perform multiple whitening procedures on a single patient in one sitting, increasing profitability and making patients happy. 
  1. Dental implants: If a patient has missing teeth or unhealthy teeth that require removal, encouraging them to consider a dental implant could improve their oral health and result in a profitable appointment. Although the initial cost may be more than other similar services, informing the patient that they could save money in the long run may help make the sale.
  1. Surgical procedures: Many patients need wisdom tooth removal. These procedures can be life-changing for patients, and they bring in high profits once you invest in the necessary tools and training to perform them.
  1. Root canals: Root canals can be a tough sell because many patients have preconceived notions about the pain level associated with them. However, pain reduction methods have advanced, and if you can guarantee a comfortable experience to patients, they are more likely to use your services.
  1. Dental crowns: Dental crowns provide a higher return on investment than fillings alone, and they provide greater strength for the patient's tooth in the long term. Encouraging patients to seek a crown over a filling can increase profits while keeping their teeth healthier over time.
  1. Invisalign or clear aligners: Many patients are also interested in Invisalign services to straighten their teeth. They are less expensive than regular braces and easier for your dental office to provide. Marketing this service is a great way to introduce potential new patients to your office. The ease of providing Invisalign makes them one of the most profitable dental services.

Other Ways to Boost Dental Practice Profits

Encouraging your patients to undergo necessary dental services that provide the best return on investment is a sure-fire way to increase your overall profits. However, there are other steps you can take to increase profits in addition to performing actual procedures.

Marketing plays a big part in how many new patients your dental office receives. Consider adding a patient referral program to your marketing plan. Offering high quality rewards and creating an easy-to-use program could turn big profits.

If possible, expanding your office to accommodate more patients at one time will help generate more revenue. Adding additional employees or more exam rooms will allow your business to work more efficiently.

Creating your own monthly payment plans for patients can also increase revenue because you will be able to accept more patients without dental insurance. Insurance companies could cut into your revenue by imposing specific prices for the treatments you offer.

We’re Here to Help with Profit-boosting Dental Solutions

Dental Intelligence can help your business navigate dental insurance and analyze your data to increase the effectiveness of your practice. With our Patient Loyalty Program, 2-Way Communication, and other features, you can increase patient engagement and grow profits. Schedule a demo today and see our tools in action.

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