Collect Insurance Payment More Efficiently with Dental Intelligence Insurance!

We're thrilled to announce the addition of our new Insurance module to provide an integrated solution for Eligibility Verification and Claims Processing, all within your Dental Intelligence hub! Let us take the hassle out of handling insurance, so you can get back to focusing on patient care. Read on to learn more.

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March 15, 2023

Dealing with insurance sucks — for patients and as a practice.

From the patient standpoint, it’s difficult to figure out which procedures are or aren’t covered as well as at what rates and how often. It can be even more disappointing when they don’t get the amount of coverage they were expecting.

As a practice, insurance companies probably aren’t your best friend either. Working with insurance companies is becoming more complicated and time-consuming for practices. 

First, it’s a challenge to verify a patient’s insurance benefits. You either have to call the insurance company or look up the patient’s information online — that is if the insurance company provides this information online. And when you call in, you probably wait on hold longer than you have time for. Some insurance companies even limit how many codes you can provide per phone call.

Then, to get reimbursed, you're required to provide nothing short of a book report with in-depth explanations and detailed images for each procedure for each patient.

Even worse, reimbursement rates aren’t going up. Insurance companies also like to play the “stall as long as you can” game when it comes to paying you. They also like to find even the smallest mistake they can to deny a claim.

It’s a lot of work for a potentially small payout. And it doesn’t appear that the archaic ways of the dental insurance industry are changing anytime soon.

So how can you collect insurance payments more efficiently when it seems like the odds aren’t in your favor?

Enter: Dental Intelligence Insurance.

Dental Intelligence Insurance makes it less time consuming for you to collect insurance payment and easier to keep track of claims all in one place. This brand new module includes Eligibility Verification and Claims Processing and works hand in hand with Dental Intelligence Analytics and Engagement. So let’s break down each of these new features this module has to offer.

Eligibility Verification

With real-time eligibility verification, you can quickly verify any patients’ insurance benefits. No need to have multiple windows or tabs open. 

Reduce your office wait times by verifying patients’ insurance within moments — or better yet, before they even come into the office. If you’re using Dental Intelligence Digital Forms, you can gather insurance information from patients before the appointment and verify their insurance eligibility well in advance.

Spend more time with patients and focus on other important tasks instead of spending hours a day on the phone or online verifying insurance.

Claims Processing

Submitting claims isn’t only time-consuming, but can also be costly. Most insurance companies charge per attachment and even limit the number of claims that can be submitted each month. With Dental Intelligence Insurance, you can submit an unlimited amount of claims as well as the attachments associated with them, all for the same low cost.

We also use standard X12 formatting for faster, more precise processing, greatly reducing the risk of human error. If something is entered incorrectly, Dental Intelligence Insurance will flag the claim and let you know what is missing or invalid before they’re processed to insurance.

Process, track and manage all your claims in one spot. Our real-time view allows you to see status updates, rejection reasons, and other smart notifications. Increase your approval rate and accelerate insurance reimbursements with Claims Processing.

Additional Features

In the rare case that an insurance company doesn’t accept electronic submissions, Dental Intelligence Insurance will automatically print claims and mail them for you at no extra cost. That way, you don’t have to remember which insurance companies accept electronic submissions and which don’t.

Easily sync bank deposits with ERA. Plus, get paid all in the same place with the combined power of Dental Intelligence Insurance and Payments.

If you’re part of a DSO, our centralized view allows you to see claims across all locations so you can stay on top of insurance reimbursements throughout your organization.

Save time and get paid faster with Dental Intelligence 

Let Dental Intelligence help you manage insurance all in one place, so you can get back to focusing on patient care. Schedule a free demo today and begin collecting insurance payment more efficiently.

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