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Access your dental practice information from anywhere

With the Dental Intelligence mobile app, you can access your data in an instant from your home, the checkout line, or in your bathtub. Wherever you are, your data is there and secure with you.

You don't have to arrive to the office early. You don't have to obsessively check your practice management software to get the most up-to-date info for your morning huddle. Just pull your phone out of your pocket and take a look. It's all there.

Want to see if you hit your goals yesterday? Check your phone. Want to see which patients are coming in? Your phone's got you. Want to prepare for your morning huddle? It's all there for you already. All you need is one app, one smartphone, and maybe a pocket to keep it in.

"I love the mobile app!! It’s a lifesaver... I run reports quickly, take a peek at the schedule anytime - even out of the office. The app is a must have for any modern dental practice!"

Spodak Dental Group

Your entire schedule at a glance

You can view your patients scheduled by dentist or hygienist for the day.

Easily look at your patients and view their information. Prepare for their appointment by viewing the account balance, treatment plan, and appointment history.

Imagine having a morning huddle where each team member has already looked at today's patients and appointments. Create a great day by encouraging your team members to view their schedules, so they can prepare to work with your team.

A quick view of your performance

With the stats feature, you can see the metrics that matter most from your device.

Choose to see your performance on a practice or provider level. Easily check in on the key metrics you are tracking whenever you want.

Organize your contacts

The Analyze app gives each team member the chance to easily drill down into their schedules to identify easy opportunities like unscheduled treatment and unscheduled family members.

Do patients have past-due AR? You'll see it in a glance without having to pull reports or dive into your practice management system. This way, you'll be able to have conversations with patients while they're in your office instead of having to rely on phone tag later on.

Review your data on the go

The mobile app brings all of your favorite dashboards features straight to any mobile device you choose.

With constant access to in-depth data analysis, your practice can be empowered to improve the patient experience, promote team collaboration, and increase production and profitability.

View schedules, access important information, spot revenue opportunities and review provider performance. The possibilities are endless!

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