2-Way Dental Patient Communication

Stay in touch and be there for your patients with the best two-way patient communication software in the dental industry.

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Improve patient engagement and communication

Your patients are busy - they won't always have the time or the patience to accept a phone call from your dental practice. It's an even bigger burden when they have to take time out of their day to initiate a call.

“Dental Intelligence makes my job easier…Our office runs efficiently and enhances communication by offering two-way texting, enabling patients to communicate at any time of day with us.”

Hilary Waldron
Office Manager

Get anxiety-free responses immediately

Our simple patient communication software allows your practice to connect with patients via the channels they prefer instead of having to confirm appointments over the phone.

Easily connect with any patient over SMS text messages, email, or the Modento app. When using the app, the patient will receive a push notification. Your patients receive messages in the channels they use most, so you can be sure your message is seen.

Enhance how you engage and communicate with your patients by using two-way patient communication.

Simplify front office tasks

Dental Intelligence's Two-Way Communication system will make your daily tasks easier and reduce the number of outbound calls you need to make.

Easily send pre-med reminders, fill last-minute openings, or remind your patients about their unscheduled treatment.

Be there for your patients with our patient communication software

Easily communicate with, engage, and manage your patient base with two-way communication.

Your dental practice response time can be within seconds. You will receive alerts in your inbox on the dashboard when a patient sends you a message through any channel.

The Patient Chat view allows you to quickly sort through and respond to messages.

Communicate with your patients to schedule an appointment, answer a question and fill last-minute openings.

Seamlessly sync with your patient management software

Because of Dental Intelligence's full integration with your practice management software, you'll always know who to reach out to, when to reach out, and what needs to be discussed.

Every message gets documented in your practice management software and in the Dental Intelligence Communication Log with all the message details, including sender and delivery channel. That way your team has clear visibility into every piece of communication no matter where they are, and they won't make the easy mistake of messaging the same patient twice.

Free up your resources and reduce busy work

Your team can cut down on phone hours while increasing practice efficiency. Quickly and easily answer billing and scheduling questions, discuss services offered by your practice, send pre-med reminders, and more, all in one convenient place. Simplify all your communications tasks by viewing patient chats across text, email, and the app, all in one consolidated thread.

Best of all, our cloud-based technology lets you securely access patient chat from the mobile app, so it's easy for the doctor to do post-op check-ins from any location, or respond to after-hours online scheduling requests.

Save time with templates

Do you receive the same questions on a regular basis? Instead of answering the same questions all day every day, now you only need to respond once. We help you create custom texting templates that you can quick load into conversations. Stop typing the same thing over and over again; just click a button and you're now free to focus your time on providing a better patient experience.

Customize your messages with easy to edit verbiage and personalization placeholders, so you can maximize efficiency without sacrificing the personal touch your patients expect.

"Dental Intelligence Engagement allows us to spend more time with patients and less time in the office with paperwork. Hands down the best program out there!"

Hilary Waldron
Office Manager

Better for your patients and staff

Create a better patient experience and relieve your staff from spending hours dealing with paperwork and data entry.

Make any form digital with Dental Intelligence. Help your practice run smoothly, so you can save time and focus on increasing production.

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