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“We have been using Dental Intelligence for years now. It has helped change the way we view our goals and how we run our morning huddles. I am able to quickly see if the patient has any unscheduled treatment or family members. This has increased our production per visit and decrease the patients that have fallen through the cracks after canceling an appt.”

Jon Jackson

“One of the things I love the very most about Dental Intelligence is the digital forms and 2 way texting. Not only does it cut our cost on paper and ink usage, it provides a smooth and efficient process for our patients. It makes my life easier having the patient fill out their new patient paperwork prior to the appt. We are able to review their medical history, verify their benefits and become familiar with what they look for in a dental practice.”

Missy Haag
Office Manager, Grove Creek Dental

“Ya'll are at the top of your game. I've used many programs and you are the only one that keeps coming out with upgrades and features I'm wanting/needing. Other companies like Lighthouse or Legwork were good at the time but just got passed up by you guys and I think you're phenomenal!"

Bernadette Brand
Office Manager, Cossich Family Dentisty

An all-in-one solution for dental practices

Metrics & Reporting

Dental Intelligence's practice analytics help you turn the information from your practice management system into clinical opportunities. Want to know how valuable your new patients are? Our software can track production, reappointment and collections down to the cent. Need more active patients to fill your chairs? Our practice analytics can show you which unscheduled patients to focus on.


Our simple patient communication software allows your practice to connect with patients via the channels they prefer instead of having to confirm appointments over the phone. Easily connect with any patient over SMS text messages, email, or our mobile app, and even drop pre-recorded voicemails directly in their voicemail box with just a couple clicks. Your patients receive messages in the channels they use most, so you can be sure your message is seen. Our two-way communication and mass communication tools will make your daily tasks easier and reduce the number of outbound calls you need to make.

Online Scheduling

Dental Intelligence boasts the only online scheduling software your practice will ever need. The idea is simple: if it's easy to schedule an appointment, more patients will schedule appointments. Our Online Scheduling lets your patients schedule fully booked appointments directly into your practice management system anytime, and from anywhere. If they have a toothache at three AM on a Monday, their appointment with you is just a few clicks away.

Automated Morning Huddle

Our work with thousands of dental teams has repeatedly proven that morning huddles can be the most important 15 minutes of your day. Dental practices who participate daily in these morning meetings, on average, outproduce practices that don’t do a morning huddle by 30%! Before the morning starts, Dental Intelligence has already built a complete Morning Huddle for your entire team. You'll start the day with all the metrics you need, automatically organized into an easy-to-read, customizable presentation.

Digital Forms and Consents

Collecting and entering patient information is time consuming. In an increasingly paperless world, we are happy to provide online patient forms and consents that make life easier for both patients and dental practices. Patients can complete forms online before their appointment allowing you to keep your dental office wait times short. On top of that, Dental Intelligence's digital forms write back to your practice management software so that your office staff doesn't have to spend valuable time trying to decipher patient handwriting or scanning copies of a paper form.

Smart Schedule

Now that you are tracking goals, how do you achieve them? Holes in the schedule are a big problem regarding production goals and the stress and worry of a practice. With Smart Schedule, you can easily see openings in any provider's schedule and fill that hole from a quick list of the best patients contact to fill that opening. It takes the stress out of cancelation.


Even after you've already provided dental care services in full, it can be difficult to collect payment that patients previously agreed to. Constant collection calls are awkward for patients and anxiety-inducing for your front desk team. We built Payments to make paying and getting paid a breeze for everyone involved. We help you find patients with outstanding balances, and then send friendly, customizable text and email reminders. We then automatically follow up, collect payment, and instantly update your practice management software.

Follow Ups

Follow Ups allow you to create reminders to yourself to call or text a patient in the future. When you log into your Dental Intelligence Dashboard, your follow ups will be waiting, ready for you with all the information you need to know about the patient. When you are ready to reach out, simply attempt the follow up and mark whether or not they were contacted. You can also leave notes, so your staff knows what happened on the call. Improve the quality of your calls and patient outreach by knowing exactly what you need to talk to your patients about.


LiveOps® is a live virtual operatory view of your daily schedule. Within your LiveOps® dashboard, you can easily see when someone is running late, when a patient is missing forms, who belongs in what operatory and everything else you need to know from check-in to check-out. Once a patient has been seated, you can use LiveOps™ to call a doctor to the room or alert a team member that the patient is ready for anesthesia. When they are ready to be checked out, add notes for your front desk staff as well, such as to schedule their next visit or collect a balance.

...and much more.

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