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The world’s #1 software for tracking, analyzing, managing & growing your practice.

Dental Intelligence connects to your Practice Management Software then tracks everything in your practice, analyzing instantly, automating, finding opportunities, & communicating with you. It’s packed with smart tools that work together to make sure nothing ever falls through the cracks again, you save time, help more patients, increase production & so much more...

Morning Huddle

Before you get to the office Dental Intelligence has already built your perfect Morning Huddle. Our work with 1000’s of practices has proven time and time again that this is the most important 15 minutes of your day. Now it’s fully automated with no reports to run. Just click the Start button and begin each day the right way.

  • Review yesterday, today, tomorrow, & next week.
  • Identifies and presents opportunities.
  • Unites the team with clear & measurable goals.
  • Celebrates victories and creates teaching moments.
  • Gives each team member a precise plan for the day.
  • Track team performance and progress.

“Everyone loves the Morning Huddle! They see their individual goals, Unscheduled Treatment, and tons more. And put in extra work to hit their goals.”

Susan - Patrick M Mcdonough

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Follow Ups

What if your practice could actually communicate with you? Telling you when a patient was falling through the cracks, if they had unscheduled treatment, or even a past due account? With Follow Ups, Dental Intelligence does exactly that-- telling you who to call and why-- every single day.

  • Stop patients from ever falling through the cracks
  • Auto-generated call lists For Appointment Confirmations, Hygiene Recare, Unscheduled Treatment, & Collections
  • Proven to fill schedules & help more patients
  • Fully automated and customizable
  • Immediate boost to production

Over $46,000 just brought in from automated follow-ups. Our front office absolutely love it and get so excited about seeing the production they bring back into the practice.

Lori - Chesheim Dental Associates

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Call Intel

(Smart Caller ID)

Incoming calls become effortless and 65% more productive after Dental Intelligence connects to your phone system. An instant on-screen popup tells you who’s calling, what treatment they need, past-due balances, unscheduled family members, & much more.

  • Displays valuable patient opportunities.
  • Immediately improves the patient experience.
  • Taking calls becomes effortless.
  • No more fumbling for patient information.
  • Identifies revenue opportunities.
  • Increases production, collections, & fills schedules.

"The Smart Caller ID is absolutely amazing! It’s making my job so much easier."

Jeppson Dental

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Smart Schedule

See your schedule for the day (or any other day) on both desktop and your smartphone. Dental Intelligence also identifies holes in your schedule, finds patients to fill those holes, tells you when incoming patients have unscheduled treatment, unscheduled family members, or outstanding balances, and even monitors your daily production-- keeping you on track to hit your goals.

  • See your schedule on your smartphone
  • Gives clarity and transparency to goals
  • Identifies holes in your schedule
  • Tracks your daily production
  • Monitors progress towards goals
  • Instant access to performance metrics
  • Highlights revenue opportunities

"We have everything at our fingertips and keep track of patients, follow up on time, have notes in front of us. This has been the biggest tool for increasing the numbers in our practice."

Carmen - Grove Health Dental

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Provider Pulse

What gets measured gets improved. Dental Intelligence tracks each provider automatically- measuring their performance across dozens of metrics. This real-time data identifies the differences between high and low performers so teams can learn from each other and improve. Progress is measured against goals, trends (good and bad) are noted, and each provider is empowered to grow.

  • Measures vital metrics so they can be improved.
  • Help lower performing providers learn from top performers.
  • From Production Per Visit to Collections and Hygiene Re-Appointment, dozens of metrics are tracked on a daily basis.
  • Gives clarity to providers using real-time data.
  • Enables teams to grow together .

"Our team started focusing on Production Per Visit. We evaluate our performance every single day. During this time production increased 24% & collections is up 18%"

Dr Patel Palos & Romeoville

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Mobile App

Get the entire Dental Intelligence experience in the palm of your hand. Instant access to the information you need anytime you need it. See schedules, access patient information, spot revenue opportunities, review practice performance data, financials, collections, and anything else you want to know-- all from your smartphone or tablet.

  • Instant access to practice data anytime you want it
  • Make urgent decisions using real-time data
  • Helps you stay on track throughout the day
  • Eliminates the need to run to a computer
  • No more guesswork. All data is a click away
  • Manage your practice from your smartphone

"I love the mobile app!! It’s a lifesaver... I run reports quickly, take a peek at the schedule anytime - even out of the office. The app is a must have for any modern dental practice!"

Erika - Spodak Dental Group

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Metrics & Reporting

Dental Intelligence is always working behind the scenes, tracking everything in your practice from financials to performance. Always gathering data, analyzing, and finding opportunities for you. We remove the guesswork so you know precisely what to work on and when. Complete transparency and eye-opening insights are instantly available using powerful dashboards.

  • Make your team 45% more productive
  • A complete, unfiltered look at what’s really going on
  • Regularly improve on the day, week, or month before
  • Spot negative trends and catch bad habits early
  • Remove all guesswork and confidently take action
  • Fill your schedule, help more patients, increase revenue
  • Save time and stop running reports- it’s all done for you

"The metrics tell us exactly how we’re doing so we can improve. In just a few months our Hygiene Pre-Appointment went from 57% to 87%. Production went from $464,195 to $872,825!”"

Yelena - Orchard City Dental Care

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