An open letter to our
incredible dental industry--

COVID-19 is affecting us all but
we’ll make it through this together.

Change is happening and it’s a scary time. We’re forced into difficult situations with some very tough decisions to make on an almost daily basis.  The uncertainty is hard for everyone and we’re all doing whatever we can to get through this for our families and our team members.

You’re not alone.

Business owner to business owner--- I have a young family of my own, a team who’s counting on me, bills, rent, and payroll just like you. I know it’s challenging and I know you’re doing your best. We all are.

At some point in the coming weeks or months this pandemic will pass.

Your practice will be fully functional, patients will be back, the term ‘social-distancing’ will become a thing of the past. And we’ll get back to normal. Don’t let the fear and doubt you feel today keep you from doing the things right now that can have a huge impact on your future.

In the middle of this mess---
there is an opportunity.

You have free time. What you do with that time right now, during this ‘downtime’ will affect how quickly your practice rebounds once all of this is over. It’s not time to relax - it’s time to get to work. If you act quickly and work on the right things, you can position your first month back as potentially the best financial month you’ve ever experienced--- and ultimately 2020 can become your best financial year ever.

You need to prioritize.

The dental practices we serve have over 80,000,000 patients. Pre-pandemic there were 44% of these patient unscheduled. When we look at the open operatory time in practices, it would take on average 3.8 more operatories per practice to schedule all of these unscheduled patients within 6 months. THIS WAS PRE-PANDEMIC!

Today, this unscheduled percentage rose to 52% and it will get worse. Meaning this unscheduled patient issue will continue to get substantially bigger. There is ZERO CHANCE that you'll be able to get them all in your practice this year.

Now more than ever you need to prioritize patients and get the patients that have the highest reimbursement rates, that have unscheduled treatment, that have greater hygiene needs. Patients that can pay. The problem is if you don't have Dental Intelligence you have NO WAY TO PRIORITIZE.

This is why our patient filter is so critical. You cannot just let any patient fill your chairs right now. You need to identify who needs the most dentistry, which in most cases, happens to be the patients of greatest value and that will provide an immediate cashflow injection into your practice.

You need to schedule.

How do you get these prioritized patients scheduled? Most team members are home and even if they were in the office, calling them all is difficult. You could use your patient communication software to text them - but what will that do? Get them to call and request an appointment? That's just not going to work...

Having our online, real-time, scheduling tool is vital. Your team members can use our online scheduling application tool from their home, and appointments go instantly into your practice management system.

  1. Use our patient filter with our pre built optimized suggestions.
  2. Export the list & Send a text message to the high value patients including a booking link.
  3. Let your patients book directly from their mobile phone with a time slot that works for them.

NO PHONE CALL, just real time scheduling.

I want to help you.
Dental Intelligence is here for you.

With our unique position of continuously monitoring 8000+ practices, we’ve identified a plan of attack that some practices are using to minimize impact and set themselves up for a fast rebound post COVID-19.

To be clear--- we’ve identified a step-by-step action plan that practices are using right now that will set you up to quickly rebound from this pandemic.

Not having this information will delay your ability to rebound.

The best way to get you this information is via an online workshop. It’s completely free of charge, there is nothing to buy, no selling--- and we cannot stress enough that you attend.

In the workshop, we will walk you through what these proactive practices are doing, the tools they’re using, and exactly how to use them. You already have some of the tools to implement this plan and some of the tools you don’t have yet--- we’re giving you those additional tools for free.

Again, we have a step-by-step plan to give you and the free tools to implement that plan. We urge you to attend this online workshop.

I promise our tools will enable you to bounce back and to bounce back fast. With the right patients and scheduling in the most efficient matter possible.

We’ll get through this together,

J. Weston Lunsford
Dental Intelligence Inc.

One more thing...

One thing I learned from going through two crashes (the dotcom bubble in 2000 and the 2008 real estate crash) is that the absolute best time to double down is when others are not.

Effective immediately I’ve also made all of our 173 team members across seven states available to you.
Seriously--- all hands on deck working to solve some of the problems that you’re dealing with and helping you bounce back quickly.  We are absolutely confident in our ability to help lift this industry and the list below is just the beginning:

Yes, I want to
watch a Demo.

See how thousands of practices are using Dental Intelligence to track everything, save time, find hidden revenue, fill schedules, keep patients coming back, increase production & so much more.