Track, manage, and grow each practice with one single software.

Our platform makes it easy to measure and understand data to support each practice’s growth & profitability.

Sustainable & Scalable Growth.

Our suite of online tools drives revenue for practices from 1 location to 500. Whether it’s collecting AR, keeping the schedule full, finding hidden revenue opportunities, and even improving your patient communication.

Enterprise Visibility

Systems to collect, process, and effectively display your key data at the enterprise / corporate management level.

Performance Empowerment

Tools to leverage your data to empower the teams and individual providers to act within each location.

Sustainable Accountability

Provide each team member with easy-to-use tools to know exactly what needs to be done daily along with visibility to monitor and celebrate along the way.

"Before Dental Intelligence we were making decisions in the dark."

Dr. Frye - CEO, Smile Family Services

Grow with a platform that supports the entire team.

Over 8,000 Dental Practices Love Dental Intelligence.

"Thanks to Dental Intelligence, we found $13 Million worth of unscheduled treatment just sitting on our books. We can literally make back our investment tomorrow by acting on this huge opportunity."

- Dr. Frye

"One of the best services I have used in a long time. If I have a question, I can reach out and recieve immediate support which gives me and my team peace of mind."

- Sherry Sparacino, Regional Trainer

"Since using Dental Intelligence, our entire group has decreased the amount of no shows and failed appointments we see from patients. Because of this, we now feel like we know our patient base better than ever."

- Juli Wolf, Regional Manager

Powered by real humans.

World-Class Support

With our expert support team on your side, you’ll have all the help you need to successfully leverage Dental Intelligence across your DSO. In other words, we’ve got your back.

Industry-Leading Innovation

Innovation, to us, means we are constantly listening, testing, and improving. For you, that means software that empowers more performance, every single day.

Cloud-Empowered Access

Get access to real-time analytics anywhere you have an internet connection. You can keep up with your business even if you don’t have access to your work computer.

See why over 8,000 dental practices already love Dental Intelligence.

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