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Dental Intelligence is more than just the smartest software ever built for dentists...

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We’re on a mission to help you provide more, even better dentistry, to improve your team’s collaboration and performance, and to improve the overall health and profitability of your practice. Simply put, our mission is to change lives. Are you in?


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It all started with the data hidden inside your Practice Management Software.

Over a decade ago we were helping dental practices get better through a combination of our very early proprietary software and lots of one-on-one consulting and training. Even back then our software made sense of all the data hidden inside the PMS. It tracked everything and gave practices an eye-opening, 100% transparent look at what was really going on. Suddenly practices had real-time data they could use to make decisions. We got rid of guesswork and dentists and office managers really loved it.

1000’s of hours of development later, years of perfecting, and today our inboxes are filled daily with messages from doctors, office managers, dental hygienists, and front office team members who are blown away by the results they’re experiencing with this insanely intelligent software. We look forward to getting an email like that from you sometime soon :)

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