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True practice intelligence that dentists have wanted for years, available now. Dental Intelligence is fast to deploy and easy to use.

Connect directly to practice data sources.

Dental Intelligence works directly with your data, our dashboard gets everyone on your team looking at the same information. This means your team in every part of the practice works with the same data, elevating individual and practice performance.


Save time, starting now.

Go from deployment to insights fast. By connecting to your practice management and financial software, your practice will benefit from immediate insight.


Our customers tell us, “Dental Intelligence has helped me learn more about my practice in the last 30 minutes than I knew in all my years running my practice”.


Visualize & Improve

In the same way our Practice Intelligence fosters team unity, it also creates an environment for improvement in your practice. Dental Intelligence not only shows your team where they are performing well, but also highlights the greatest opportunity for increasing practice value and team performance. As you explore your practice you can leverage the shared knowledge of your entire team and our instant data analysis for increasingly intelligent and actionable insights.

Provider-level depth

With most products, dashboards or reports are the final result. They might look pretty, but they are pretty static. Dental Intelligence gives you provider-level depth, and our intelligent metrics provide a healthy way to be more objective when reviewing provider performance. See exactly where providers are excelling and where they have opportunities to help the team.

Finally you can see where you are, and where you ought to be!


There are others products that generate a myriad of reports, and reports can offer a lot of information about what HAS happened in your practice in the past. Our practice intelligence system applies specific algorithms, then gives you actionable, relevant recommendations about what you and your staff can do specifically to grow your practice and increase your bottom line.


Support like never before

We are dedicated to getting your team on-board and involved. Dental Intelligence provides you with a dedicated Success Coach to help you get up and going and your team engaged and empowered. And we don’t stop there. We provide access to our team of expert data analysts with every subscription.


We’re committed to your success – not just with using the product, but in helping you make actionable decisions from reliable and accurate information that, until now, has been locked inside your practice management software. “Our team of expert data analysts are ready to help at the click of a button with our live chat feature. We not only help our customers with their dashboards and data, but any problem they may be facing as a successful practice. If live chat is not enough, schedule a 10, 15, or 20 minute training with an analyst that will help you and your team understand what the numbers mean and what you can do to improve your performance.

Will you help me understand the actionable metrics that contribute to production growth?

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